Friday, July 30, 2010

Final Year 1st Semester

I can still clearly remember the first day I walk into this place, and I thought to myself " what's kind of shit hole I have gotten myself into??" and the day came where I kept asking myself " when the fuck am I getting out of here???" and then finally when I am in my final year, I start counting down the days I left in this place I called 'shit hole' once, not that it is not a 'shit hole' now but now the feeling of that 'shit hole' isn't that bad after all.. at least this 'shit hole' have been my second home for the past four years of my life.. 

1st week down, and I am still kinda trying to get used to the life of being a student back again...not that I really try... I have been going out having fun with my friends most of the time but ain't that what I am suppose to do??? Having fun with life? Never mind, let future Jming worry about it. 

Today is a Friday, and for all I know I had classes every Friday but not this semester.. good! Positive changes at least! But it really need some getting use to. I was thinking it was a Saturday when I woke up today until I came back from lunch seeing Muslim having their Friday prayer.

Just want you all to know, is good to be back =D Ciao~

Friday, July 23, 2010

My thoughts

Sitting in the darken room,  with a little bit of sunlight shinning through the floating curtain across the room. The thought of going back to big school crosses my mind, I lie awake and dwell in the mood for a long long time.

Some call it hell, some call it a screw up a place, some call it a place for escape, some says is a place of stress.. I say it is everything that represent me for the past four years of my life. I couldn't believe that I am now in my final year. I had been complaining for the past four years and yet I did nothing but to simply went through my studies despite my disapproval to that 'Kandang' of mine.

This time it is a little different, I miss my friends for the past 8 months, I especially miss those that I called bro. Gonna see you guys in a few.. hang on there and please don't start the party without me.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chiese BBQ Specialist

So when you're doing the food business and you called yourself a specialist for that, you better make sure you're good or else people will fuck you up so badly. In Kuching, you have a specialist in 'Chinese BBQ'. Like Doctor, it takes years of hard work to achieve the status of a specialist, so I am pretty sure they worked for quite a long time as the place looked old to me and the colour of the shop name had faded.

You know is gonna be good when you walk in to a shop like this, a shop full of history and smells old, the Tauke is an old man who don't really gives a damn about their customer cause he was too concentrate on what he was doing and so does all the other people inside. Is called old taste, you don't get perfume smell inside and the wooden smell from the chair and the table that we sat in. 

Looks pro huh.. I am drooling when I saw all the roast duck, pork, chinese sausages and chicken..

What the heck are we still waiting for???Let's order!!

So first thing that crosses my mind after I tried it out was ' Ma De... why so niceeee' especially on the chinese sausages. Die la this time, one more good reason for me to go back to Kuching. After that lunch, is all bye bye for me to Kuching..

Bako National Park

Things I like about Kuching, is definitely the outdoor. They are bless with lots of wonder of nature, unlike Malacca, forest, hills and beach had moved way for new buildings to come up and it sucks when you don't have beach and forest to climb anymore. 

Is indeed beautiful over there, especially the rocks formation that exercise your imaginations. The sky is extremely blue and clear over there. 

So if you're driving your way from Kuching city, you will stop by at a jetty. From there you will purchased your entrance tickets to the Park and also you will need to get a boat ride from the jetty stops to the Park. Which will cost you probably RM 9 a way. 

The journey travelling from there was definitely a wonderful thing to have. The boat ride was extremely fun when it was cutting through the waves and jumping up and down.

When you're there, beware of little rascals that are working around the area constantly hunting for food. If you do pack foods, please put it properly in the bag and secure it nicely. Do not hold it with a plastic bag, you are more pron to get snatch by those rascals. 

When we reached, we headed straight to the registration booth, to get ourself registered and gather some details for the trip. They have different routes for you to choose with different duration and intensity. We chose the easiest way as we didn't have much time to do the others.

I was being a bit skeptical at first, how can a 8km walk take longer than an hour. The road wasn't that hard at the beginning so I was pretty cool at it.. not until when the road gets something like this...

Except that the picture should be vertical. It was tough when one of your hands holding a camera.

If you're careful enough, then you will get to see little creatures along the way..

Soon after that, we reached the end of the road, being welcome by the sea and clear blue sky. The feeling was awesome but it was really hot as well and we couldn't wait to jump straight into the sea.

Spare Parts Soup

Been a little under the weather this few days, but I am back on track now. Gonna talk more about foods and my travel. Good news, I might be getting back into Scouting soon, god... I miss those time camping and staying up all night, more about it later. 

Today I am still gonna talk about Kuching, Kuching's so awesome, I don't think I will be able to finish talking about it, but let's just talk based on what I have got for the moment of time. 

Waking up at the break of dawn, to sent Jason's father to work. The streets are still quiet as it should be except for those hardworking asses that are up early to earn a living or for those who are getting ready for schools. God.. I fucking hate waking up early in the morning, is like I am all school boy again, I don't even wake up that early during my internship period. But I would say is a good experience to feel the transition from a dark sky to a bright blue sky. 

After dropping off Jason's father, as usual we headed for our breakfast. We actually had our breakfast twice. Once I already talk on the food post and another one I will talk here. 

That pointy building is actually their new state assembly building, where people will be quarreling inside there soon i guess. Standing up high and looking over the peaceful and quiet old town of Kuching, was indeed something different. I couldn't really remember when was the last time I did that in Malacca and too bad Malacca doesn't have pointy or tall buildings.. oh wait.. we got 'Taming Sari' but it actually pointing downwards instead of up. 

This would be their Hainanese Association and on the top is a temple of 'Ma Zhu' the god that the Hainanese Clan prays to. It was a nice view from the top over looking part of the city. 

And one of the place we ate our 'Kolok Mee' is just beside of the association. 

Dear friend Raymond got too exhausted after a wonderful night and he got to wake up like 6 in the morning just to have breakfast with us. To be honest, I am damn sleepy as well during that time, but after I got chased by dogs, I was all awake. Yea I got chased by dogs, fierce one when I was leaving the group alone, going around snapping pictures. 

Plain Noodles, but smelled nice.Everyone did wake up a little after bowls of noodles came to their front. The noodles is nice and smooth, you could just eat it plainly like that without adding anything, but if you're looking for something heavier with taste, try adding some pepper in it. 

So by the time this bowl of 'Spare Parts' soup arrived, everyone was widely awake. Drinking this in the morning is surely something I never try before. So, no need to introduce much, the soup comes with a variety of spare parts mostly from the pig, not sure if it is from the same pig but all taste good, especially go with the red chili and soy sauce. If you're not a big fan of spare parts, just ordered pork meat instead with fish balls and so on. 

But seriously, this was the first time I felt eating something like this was too heavy for breakfast. >.< my stomach kinda upset after that. 

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tua Pek Kong Temple Kuching

Situated right at the middle, overlooking the waterfront. Holds a prominent position in ensuring the peaceful and prosperity of Kuching people, I not sure about this, I am just guessing it. >.< I was lucky to be there on the first day of June ( Lunar Calendar). It was all light up at night, and it was extremely beautiful, can't help but to walk there and take some pictures. 

As one of the oldest chinese temple in Kuching, the real name of the temple is Siew San Teng Tua Pek Kong. From the temple's brochure, it was stated that the temple was built around 1770.  The small temple was built on a busy intersection between Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman and Jalan Padungan. 

Fierce looking Dragon staring straight to the WaterFront.    Really detail and nice. Especially the two eyes lighted with red bulbs. 

From the top looking straight into the temple, people burning jaw sticks, the old man cleaning the dust on the table and throwing away unburned ones. The whole place was bright and all lighted up!

More nice picture to show..

Ahh.. the red tanglung reminded me about chinese new year.. and siu bak lol ok I know that's weird. But that's what crossed my mind. 

The view inside the temple, Tua Pek Kong sitting in the middle, receiving prayers from people. 

Took a tour around the inside of the temple as well. 

The temple has beautiful wall crafting done and it seems just new. All nice and new colour. May be they just repainted it this Chinese New Year. 

Four main festivals are celebrated in this temple annually, that is the Birthday of Tua Pek Kong, Birthday of Tua Pek Kong's Tiger, yes he don't rare a dog but a tiger, tend to be different and he rides on it, The Hungry Ghost Festival and Ascention day of Tua Pek Kong.

Fried Oyster In Kuching

There isn't many states that have Fried Oysters. The only one that I know of will be Penang, Kuching, Melaka and Muar. You might find some in KL. I found one in Kepong, is nice but I forgot where it is already. Anyhow, my trip to Kuching had definitely bless with lots of good food. Hence I am dedicating this post specially for Fried Oyster. 

If you're in Kuching, is a must try!!

So we ordered this in '175 Degrees Cafe', yea we spent the afternoon in the cafe due to the hot weather outside. I will talk about the Cafe later on. Anyhow, is definitely a new thing to try. Wasn't extremely amazing,  is fried to crispy like chips, and the big oyster at the middle of it. 

It was served with Chili Sauce, to make sure you don't get 'jelak' too fast, dip it with the sauce is a very good idea, as it was all fried. 

I would say this wasn't the authentic one, but no harm trying new things. I don't really taste much of oyster, more of flour and eggs. It was serve with fish sauce with lots of pepper on it. So remember to go easy on that if you're there next time. Is freaking salty!! Haha

This is the place that I ate the Fried Oyster, is behind the open market where I had my breakfast in the morning. Looks like there are lots of people, may be is just the Fried Oyster that sucks, others should be fine. By the way, that Fried Oyster cost RM 24 bucks. LOL fucking Shizer~

Ahhh.. finally this will be my first turn for Fried Oyster! EXTREMELY NICEEEEE!! I swear I will be there again for more of this!! I miss it even when I am in the plane. Don't you worry about all oily and stuffs, is not that oily, is softer more like glue compare to Melaka one. The oyster taste are awesome! I would say this is a must must try! Make sure you try this if you're in Kuching.

And if you finish your food, and you feel a little thirsty, make sure you ask for Peppermint Tea!! I like it so much, I kept ordering that everytime I am eating. Is good to cool you down, and the mint ahh... awesome! This is definitely something that Melaka doesn't have. 

Make sure you look for this place when you're in Kuching, Premier 101, somewhere near Jalan Song where all the unbelievable big houses are. 

Kuching Foods For Everyone!!

Kuching is indeed a food heaven, bless with all kinds of food. Not only tasty, but cheap as well. Is a perfect place for a student like me to eat good food while on budget. So ever since I landed in Kuching, I was brought to eat non stop already. Feeling like a King! 

Dear friend, this is Kueh Chap. The soup is something like 'bak kut teh' but a bit plain, with all the spare parts from pig inside and the white thing is something similar to 'kueh teow'. Very very nice. I actually missed it!

Coming up next, Kuching 'Kolok Mee' aka dry noodles... ahh I especially adore this, some one say is similar with 'Wan Tan Mee' excluding the 'Wan Tan' but they would say is different because they sell both separately.
This was taken in premier 101, one of the shop there, but I forgot the name. It taste niceeeee!!! ok some might say is oily, but for me it was just fine, and the fragrance from the noodles just made me go crazy.

 I ate Kolok Mee at three different places, all doing it different style, some the taste is stronger, some's the special soup that come together with the bowl of mee, some the Kolok Mee taste more plain but a bit sour because of vinegar. 

This would be my first Seafood Kolok Mee, Malay style with no pork oil involved. So most of the people might get 'oh...oh... T_T' cause no pork oil, but it actually taste quite good and nice. I love it! Even thou it wasn't as good if you compare it to the usual Kolok Mee but it was good enough, descent and the seafood is fresh at least. 

Kuching people call this 'Xiao Bee', in the Peninsular we call this 'Siu Mai' so despite the difference in calling it, still I fucking like this shit!!!! Is big, satisfying and mouthful!! Muahahahaha and a dip with the sauce, ahhh fantastic. Should try this if you're there! Damn I miss it already!!

If you love spicy things like I do, try order Sarawak Laksa.. Muahahahaha Is nice. Nothing similar to Penang laksa, more likely similar to Melaka Laksa. The curry base is stronger, a little sour, may be due to the lemon that I squeezed in. Fantastic taste, strong and heavy breakfast. The sambal will give you the 'kick' you need in the laksa!

RM1.40 for freaking huge 'Char Siu Pau'. 

Ok nothing special about this, but I love the fact that I get to eat 'Char Siu Pau' in the morning. The bun was hot and I love it!!

What you're looking at now, is known as Tomato Mee. The noodles are fried to crispy, and hot gravy of tomato are poured over it. With a little bit of fish cakes, vege and prawns.. owh pork as well. Simply delicious. I feel a bit plain on this one, there was another one which taste better but I forgot to take a picture of it. 

This was nice, a bit plain compare to the one in premier 101, but it taste good as well. I love the soup, is a little sour because of the 'chai po' no idea what's the proper name in english.

That's all for this post, there will be other food that deserve a single post for its own. 

Friday, July 16, 2010

For You

Is for you out there.... 

Being Cold and Different To You

I think that way would be better

Being unaware of me

I think that way would be better

The foods that are on the side of my mouth 

You wipe it away for me

Laughing so care freely, 

I can't forget the smile on your face

Teasing me on my small eyes, 

you lean on me

all the habits that are formed, I try to erase it away

I try to make myself busy today but...

you're like a picture stuck in my eyes

I think of you again and again

don't keep being nice to me

don't be nice to me no more

I can't again, get on my knees before love,

I don't have the courage to get hurt again 

If your intentions were different 

If its not the same as mine, 

If someone ask you 'who's he?'

and you could answer its just someone I know without worries

The break up we been through a year ago,

The phone that rang late at night

Its not that I didn't pick up 

Its that I could not pick up

just in case you were upset and say it carelessly 

that you wanted to see me 

I figured even if you say it, you won't remember by tomorrow

don't keep being nice to me 

don't be nice to me no more

I can't get on my knees before love, 

holding to this love that I couldn't find my way there

In case we were thinking about the same thing

In case our heart are aligned 

please do let me know and not letting me stand in front of love today..

like a foool.. waiting for you again...

like a fooolll..

Cat City, Kuching

I have to say, Kuching is really a beautiful city, attractive in lots of ways. Having the blend of both old and 
IS amazing to be able to be here in Kuching, this city is interesting filling with modern architecture and a bless of wonderful nature. Ahh... Kuching girls are beautiful too =D hehehe that's my main reason why I am there. 

I am deeply grateful to have my mates bringing me around, both ROBIN and DERULO. Being the locals of course they know most of the things there and save up lots of trouble for me. Especially when it is a little difficult to travel around Kuching if you're new there and without a transport. I see very few town buses which means long hours of waiting I guess, which will be a big No no for me. 

The thing I like a lot about Kuching, will be the WaterFront, the scenery is very nice and windy as well, if you're there during the early evening then you're able to enjoy the good view with a little breeze as well. I appreciate the wind as the weather was extremely hot in the afternoon. You could see people dating there, exercising, rowing training, is a good place to just sit down and chill and I appreciate places like this a lot. 

Nice view eh.. despite some little rubbish on the surface, the view is still nice. I believe the rubbish could be cleaned easily if the state house put in a little more effort to do it. But I really enjoy there. Amazing area, many things could be done here, if there are proper planning from the state government. I would definitely like to stay in Hilton Hotel someday, with the room over looking the Sarawak River. 

The night scene of WAterFront, is a bit disappointment as I was there late so many lights were off already. However the view was still amazing. Could see couples dating there, doing the things they love doing. 

So I was told that they used to open up for people to climb up the tower. But now it was closed.. damn I am disappointed, or else I would have a good view over the place. I wanna know why they closed it! Damn!

I was trying to figure out why, the state government would like every building to be so pointy and sharp. Despite that, this is actually a very good looking building. I was told this will be their new parliament building so hopefully with first class facilities, we will have first class mentality people sitting inside as well. This will surely be a remarkable landmark. 

How cool is that, all three landmark lining up to form a line. I was told that the middle one was a fort/prison for the Raja's to put people that he don't like inside. 

Nice court house, now transform into a tourism office with a cafe at the side. So you could enjoy a cup of coffee here if you're tired from your walk around the WaterFront. Damn this place is awesome. 

Amazing Sunset in Kuching, shining right at the WaterFront, making the river shining and glitters. Really good place to relax and just sit there to enjoy yourself with some food and drinks.

This is what I call a nice thing to see, I have no idea exactly what this is. But it looks interesting enough to make me get a picture. 

At the bottom, is an old steamship company that are now transform into a bazaar. Nice orange with red columns building, however I wasn't sure if it was the original colour as before. 

It was definitely a good feeling, that you're able to see some of the buildings that are preserved quite well. Demolishing Pudu Jail is definitely one of the worst decision ever made by our government.

If you're looking for souvenir for your closest, just walk across the road and you have a whole stretch of shops that sells all kinds of souvenir, however make sure you walk around and check for the price to see which is more cheap.  

Just to show you some of the things you might find along the stretch of shops...

My first turn on, KEK LAPIS a local specialty where you couldn't find elsewhere. There were lots of stalls set up along the road selling the same thing, so make sure you try it out and get the best bargain. For me, I just try along the road and got some small ones that cost RM1 each and I eat along my way. 

Is a bit funny when you're here in Kuching city, you tend to look for cats around every corner of it. I didn't see much of real cats around the place but definitely a lot of wood work and fancy souvenirs with cat symbol around.