Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Hell of a Weekend

Just realized I have not updated my blog for almost 10 days now. I was feeling a little bit under the weather recently, after falling sick and lying down on the bed most of the time for almost two days, I am not back and running in full force, however still struggling a bit with my sorethroat.

I had an amazing weekend to be honest. The taste of being a real fact finder was awesome, staying on site working in a confine space for almost 5 hours, sweating like a pig inside there with limited light and visibility. Stayed up working till 230am in the morning, wasn't exactly what I had in my mind, so what the heck if i am gonna live that life next time, might as well I experienced it now. Waking up the next morning, was a wonderful futsal session with my mates whom I miss a lot. Seeing them, I felt grateful that I have friends in my life, can't imagine life without them. A single guy like me, is all about working, friends and family. Taking one of those item out would mean killing me directly.

The night was awesome, movie with friends was totally wonderful especially that show 'A-team' just took my mind away for a moment and imagining myself being a ranger. After that was world cup session with my mates. South Korea played well but not good enough to make it into the top 8. There comes the second day where I woke up and rush my report and presentation slides. Then I was down with serious fever, flu and cough like nobody business.. Rest for both monday and tuesday and now I am back in the office... ahh life~ Is amazing when you look back so many things happen in such short moment of time, of course there's the little details of things that I didn't mention but heck! I am glad that I am alive!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Papa's Day

I am wondering how I should write this post, some emo stuffs to my dad or to share what I did for my Papa's Day. I don't called it father's day because I used to call my dad 'Pa ar.. Pa'. Anyhow I am glad to have such great dad for 22 years and if god permits I would love to keep him forever with me and to be able to keep calling 'Pa ar.. Pa' for the rest of my life. 

Recently, I have been complaining to my mom that the pita bread is too thick for pizza base, and today mom decided to put her bread making skills to test. She finally decide to ditch the usual pita bread and make the bread ourself. 

So with a packet of wholemeal flour mixing with the right amount of water. The kneading process started and in no time 6 small doughs are put aside. 

So the doughs were put aside to let it raised for a moment, after that we are all set to rolled the doughs into flat thin pieces. 

So now, just put it into the turbo broiler and let the convection process start to bake the dough~ >.<

This Imarflex Turbo Broiler has served my family well, my mom did all types of cooking with it, and me just being a lazy guy, used it to heat up stuffs or to cook my chicken wing, drummets, make toast and hot dog sometimes. =P but it is really handy. 

So when the bread is ready, all we need now is to get the ingredients ready and we are good to go. 

So from the left, we have some tomatoes cut into slices, to the right we have pre-cooked mushrooms, carrots and chicken breast. At the bottom left, we have mozzarella cheese, and the last one will be green pepper.  

So all set on the table to ease the work. Owh before I forget there are two very essential items in order to make your pizza taste all nice and sweet~~

Kimball Tomato Ketchup.. of course you can get anything you want, that's the only I could find in the house. 

And  of course my secret weapon to give the pizza the ohm!

Spread a layer of tomato on top of the bread, and put all necessary ingredients on it based on your preferences. I guess I spread too thick layer on it and my mom was complaining and nagging me on it lol sorry mom, I love ketchup too much =P.

I make two different kinds of pizza, one will be the mushroom and chicken breast pizza. Another one is chicken breast rendang pizza, which i used up my mom's left over rendang chicken from the afternoon. 

this would be the rendang pizza. 

Took a peak at my pizza while waiting for it to cook and the cheese to melt evenly. >.<

Finish product smells good~ looking good as well~~>.<

Ok, I have a confession to make, see the one at the back, a bit darker compare to the one in front. Yea, I was watching world cup and I let it burn a little bit lol  due to the goal score by paraguay so it drags a little bit >.< sorry Pa =P

Here's a cross section cut for you guys =) Ok I have to say, I am not bragging about it but it taste really really good. 
And finally.. Happy Papa's Day Papa sorry for not being a really good son for you =)

I love you Dad =) and I hope my hair will be like yours one day.. that will be super awesome and everyone will know I am your son. =)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Nyonya Zhang

For those who don't know what this is, Zong Zi ( aka Zhang in hokkien) a traditional chinese food, made of glutinous rice, stuffed with different thing and wrapped in bamboo leaves or reed leaves.

The one I am having is called Nyonya Zhang a local peranakan cuisine. Among all the others, I prefer this the most actually. =)

How does this food came about? Zongzi is traditionally eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival (Mandarin: Duanwu; Cantonese: Tuen Ng) which falls on the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese calendar (approximately late May to mid-June), commemorating the death of Qu Yuan, a famous Chinese poet from the kingdom of Chu who lived during theWarring States period. Known for his patriotism, Qu Yuan tried unsuccessfully to warn his king and countrymen against the expansionism of their Qin neighbors. When the Qin Dynasty general Bai Qi took Yingdu, the Chu capital, in 278 BC, Qu Yuan's grief was so intense that he drowned himself in the Miluo river after penning theLament for Ying. According to legend, packets of rice were thrown into the river to prevent fish from eating the poet's body. Another version states that zongzi were given to placate a dragon that lived in the river.

Who cares anyway, all I care is that I get to eat this whenever I want! But this Zhang is getting really expensive nowadays. One could go up to RM 4-5 sometimes. 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Power Rangers

This is that kind of shit I think of, when I got nothing to do.

It Seems Like Yesterday

It was back in 2006 when World Cup was held in Germany, back then I was having my long break after finishing my high school life, waiting to start my University that I have no idea it was located in a deserted area. It was a difficult period for me that time as I know my long break was gonna be over very very berry berry soon. The only thing that kept me alive, shouting and stay till the mid of the night when everyone was sleeping soundly, was no doubt World Cup and some after match blue flim LOL!

Il Divo 'The Time of Our Life' was playing crazily on televisions, and radio and indeed it was one of the time or moment of my life that I will never forget. The transition period from being a high school boy to a college student was the well known emo times. I supported France during that world cup, they played well but just not good enough and Zidane head butt was the biggest let down for me.

So it was 4 years ago, and hoping for the next world cup to come in 2010 but it seems so far away for me. I start to count down the years and I told myself  'Oh! by 2010, I will be finishing my study soon!' Today, I sat beside my friends watching the match together in McDonalds and the count down that I had in 2006 seems to be like yesterday, owh time really flies~

In a month time I will end my 8 months internship with Siemens. I had my interview with the Regional Service Manager and Regional Commissioning Engineer yesterday. I wasn't sure about my future but I saw a chance so I grab it and told them my intention and interest to be a 'Fact Finder' with Siemens. Anyhow there's one and a half years more to go and by that time I might have another thing in my mind. Just like I thought I love France last time but now I am supporting the Spanish Giant, but it was a big ass disappointment yesterday when Swiss whoop their ass.

Anyhow, I wish everyone to enjoy the world cup this year, hey! it only happen once every 4 years so get a HD televsision and ask your gf, wifes or kids to not bug you for awhile if they don't wanna watch it with you! I am making a little wish here, gonna start saving now, hopefully by 2014 I will be able to watch live world cup in the Stadium! Cheers peeps. The song 'Time of Our Life' supposed to play when you read this post, if it doesn't please do it manually by downloading youself and play it while reading it again.>.<

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lining Up for Chicken Rice Ball

There's something crazy about this people. Lining up at the middle of the day where the sun is shining brightly and the weather is extremely hot! Holding on with their umbrella, patiently waiting...and waiting.. and waiting... just for chicken rice. =.=! 

I would rather not eat, than waiting like this. Unbelievable.

I am pissed

I am a little annoyed with our government and a little confuse as well. They are like actors and actresses putting up some puppet show on stage. Suka suka they come out with one new plan and when people don't like it, suka suka they say 'owh this is just open for suggestion only..' What kind of fucking shit is this man..

Just when I thought our new prime minister is gonna bring some good news to the people, ' bumiputra shall retain 30% of shares' came struck me. I was furious when I read the news. This is shit! shit! so does the policy to retain a certain numbers of bumiputra in every company that are in Malaysia.. @.@ double kill me.

And the recent good news, the government is building a new parliament. T.T I thought we are gonna go bankrupt, aren't we suppose to cut down unecessary project and concentrate more in our economic. Bah kata pepatah, ukur baju di badan sendiri. Sometimes I just feel that our government just do what they want without further assesment and thinking. Is a new parliament building really necessary? Are you sure that the new building will not have water licking issues again? You know why that keeps happening? Because of you hiring dumb fuckers to build it!

A country's image doesn't reflect on high rise, classy, modern state of the art parliament! In reflects on how the leaders act, how the people act. We have clowns in our government, who have own marriage issues to be taken care of, who have inproper conduct and misbehaved, corrupt and fuck up people inside. And you believe a good, classy big nice building gonna contain and cover up all the shame you mps and fuckers have cost? No freaking way!

Monday, June 14, 2010

True Love

My friend, this is what I called True Love~~ and people like me will never reach that level no matter how hard I try. Damn! I am so not jealous~ ok I like pretty girls so what! haha

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Popiah and Pork Fat

Dear people, do you like 'Popiah' ?? Are you a vege lover? To be honest? I dislike Popiah~ I hate vege. There's only one thing I like about Popiah is the 'Bak You' aka pork fat that are hidden inside the enormous amount of vege.

So this place I am talking about ' Poh Piah Lwee' isn't the place that I used to eat. This is the place where my sister likes to eat. I was a bit skeptical at first, 'Yao meh.. nice meh..' But my sister got so desperate of some local food as she couldn't get laksa or anything she wanted earlier due to the massive crowds in Malacca, she cried out loud for this one. Hence the good brother aka me! succumbed to her overwhelming desire, so that she won't get angry and show me the finger LOL just kidding. 

So for RM2.50 you get one Popiah.. with vege, chili, bean sprout, and of course 'Bak You' aka pork fat! I wasn't sure at first if there are any pork fat inside. So I was asking my sister:" eh got bak you want onot leh~ if not nice you eat all k~.' I was kinda full due to the durian puffs that I had walloped earlier on, so not really looking forward for something that doesn't have that crunchy, nice smell pork fat in it. 

See the juice all coming out! That marks the spot, start with there! Lick it! LOL that sounded so wrong.. 

I was right! the juicy part has some good tasty pork fat there! The popiah was good. Better than I expected. Do try when you're there. =)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Good News For Durian Lover

Good news for durian lover, durian puffs in town. You can find it in Jonker Street. Can easily spotted if you're standing in front of Geographer Cafe. 

However, it wasn't a really good idea eating it at a freaking hot weather like this! Is freaking hot nowadays,  and due to Melaka being host for Sukan Malaysia and school holiday, it is crazily crowded here. But it never stop me from getting my hands on this delicious durian puff >.<

It cost RM 5 for 6 durian puffs. I have no idea how much it cost for a puff at your turf or even mine, is freaking DURIAN so that makes sense enough to buy and try it!

Started off with one in my mouth... the durian cream oozzzee out from it, I go crazy at that moment. I am in heaven, durian heaven. Don't worry the durian smell wasn't that strong, not till you bite it! The durian cream was slight chilled! I love it! is like eating chill durian at home. Soon after the first one, i follow up with no.2, 3,4 and 5 LOL.. Got a little bit thristy afterwards and with that durian smell in my mouth, I started to look for water around. Two cans of coca cola straight down the throat~~ ahhh

Here's some of the picture that I have taken,

This picture deserve some talk about, is durian ice cream.. Same shop that sells the durian puff. The ice cream was good, but not to the extreme. Mild durian flavour to my liking, the weather was really hot making it melt superbly fast, I have to finish it fast enough or else I will get my hands cover with creamsss, love the texture, more creamy compare to other ice cream.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

St. Francis Institution

Thursday June 10, 2010

St Francis Institution: Rising in the face of adversity

THERE are two key years in the colourful and checquered history of St Fancis Instititution (SFI) - 1872 and 1902.
The humble origin of SFI is traced back to the opening of the attap-roofed St Mary’s School, close to Praya Lane along Jalan Banda Hilir, in 1872.
Managed by the then parish priest of St Francis Xavier Church, Fr Maximillian De Souza, this school ran on funds from the French Missions. Students,who had to pay a nominal monthly fee of three cents, in adherence to the government of the day’s ruling that grant-in-aid schools should charge fees.
In 1880, St Mary’s was relocated to bigger premises and renamed St Francis School. However, financial difficulties forced the school to shut down in 1902, but not for long.
Within months, encouraged by the then bishop of Malacca, the LaSalle religious brother community revived the school with a pioneer batch of 102 students. American cleric Maurice Josephus, who had served the school for a year previously, became the new principal.
From then on, it was a story of moving from strength to strength in various aspects including student enrolment and upgrading of school facilities.
Banda Hilir, which had a seafront, was chosen as the ideal site and in 1906 rose the old “U” building which formed the nucleus of SFI today.
In 1914, a three-storey block of classrooms and a dormitory were built and St Francis School changed its name to St Francis Institution.
In 1922, the adjoining Malacca Rubber Plantation Building was bought by the school authorities for its expansion programme. During the war years (1941-1945) the school reopened after a brief shutdown, in the vicinity of the Japanese Trade School and the ‘Kunrensho’, in mid-July 1942.
Student enrolment reached 1,000 in 1951, resulting in the cosntruction of a separate block at the rear of the Banda Hilir grounds in Jalan Chan Koon Cheng, which opened a year after Malaya achieved independence.
In the mid-1970s, Hong Kong developer Peter Chan sponsored a three-storey block comprising 14 classrooms, a science laboratory, canteen and lecture theatre.
Today, SFI (primary and secondary) is listed as one the foremost LaSallian institutions in the country, producing renowned personalties and leaders in every facet of public and private sectors, sports, arts and culture. Its present student population is about 1,800 while teachers number 120.

Sarah Teo Yan Li read this! So does Swee Yen! LOL 

A little bit extra details on Tioman

It was a weekend getaway with some close friends as our industrial internship is coming to an end soon. After working for about 7 months now, I we saved up some money to go experience the underwater beauty of the East Coast of Malaysia again. I saved up some money to get my camera, and I decided to put it up for a good use in Tioman this time. 

Took a night bus at 1130pm from Bukit Jalil to Mersing. I was excited, full of anticipation of the breathtaking scenery of Tioman. The bus arrived on time, board on the bus and here I come Tioman!! Woohoo.. Since it was a night trip, I doze off soon after the bus started the journey. 

I was awake by the lights above my head, Argggg... it was time! The bus arrived at Mersing station. I drag my partially conscious self out from the bus with the other remaining passengers. I was alone at the station 3am in the morning waiting for the arrival of my friends from Kuala Terengganu. We agreed to meet at the station, so I waited for them quietly at the station while the remaining people fleet away soon after they arrived. 

An hour spent waiting aimlessly at the station, pulled out my phone and go online, go on to facebook and posted some shoutouts while waiting for the time to past. I needed to pee suddenly, so I get up from the chair and look for toilet nearby, I found one! but it was locked! Heck! that's a big problem..I walk around the area, there wasn't any nearby either. I tried to hold it, but I couldn't stand it any longer. I wonder somewhere far, found a sewage, I look around, no one was there and I let it go.. Ahhhh so refreshing with the morning breeze blowing, I got a chilled and i shivered for awhile. 

Went back to the station, continued my wait. Check the time, is about time my friends arrived. Gave one of them a phone called and they had reached. Their bus never drop them inside the station but drop them outside the main road. I walked out to meet up with them. There 6 of us reunited. We headed towards the Jetty which are nearby, a 15 minutes walked guided by a kind old man on motorcycle. We arrived the station and the old man was the person in-charge of the booth, I wasn't surprise. The earliest ferry to Tioman was 1100 in the morning, we got a shock as we thought the first would be 730 in the morning. As there wasn't any choice left, we bought the ticket for both way which cost us RM 70 each. 

Not wanting to waste time sleeping at the Jetty, I decided to walk around the peaceful and quiet town of Mersing with my camera. Going around snapping pictures of the quiet city. My friends followed, we soon spotted a shop opened and decided to go for breakfast. Two foreigners were there as well, we said Hi! but never followed up with chat as most of us were too hungry. I grab some Noodles with egg while the others took 'Nasi Dagang' local food but soon after that, the later went to the toilet and had a big dump! I was lucky! whew..

Watched some cheap movies in the shop to kill sometime before the ferry arrived. About 9am, we went to the bus station to purchase our return ticket on Sunday. I got mine! but the others decided to do it on Sunday.. Bad bad idea. We headed back to the Jetty, by then it was fulled with people heading towards the same destination. We got out boarding pass and waited patiently at the Jetty, while I put on my sunglasses in order to check out pretty girls without being caught. >.<

Roughly about 1030, the ferry arrived. Everyone eagerly lining up in front of the gate. I was quite high that time, first it was due to the weather, secondly a hot chick was on the same ferry with me, third thinking about stepping my feet on the island was just pure awesome. However, it was a big let down when I entered the ferry! The freaking air condition was not on! Is like an oven in there, quickly I grab a seat and stay put quietly, I was sweating like a pig! More people coming in which makes the whole hot and humid, carbon dioxide level rises, hardly breathe..

Thank god someone found the stupid switch for the air condition unit, and we manage to get the place cool before the ferry depart. Damn i swear, it was one of the most unbearable moment in my life. All of my friends quickly went to sleep after the ferry started moving, I am the only one who was hype out and constantly staring out of the window looking at the big blue ocean. Many people were snoring so I took out my camera and do some awesome shooting and laughing my ass out alone in the cabin. 

After one an a half hour journey, we were greeted by the magical island. Warm, sunny, sexy beach people sunbathing... sweeetttt. We got down at a place called Tekek. It was awesome! 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Plan

Finally, I send in the work to my VP and hopefully there will not be anything coming up too soon and make me stress again as I will need to prepare for my final presentation and report as my internship is coming an end pretty soon and I am quite happy about it as I am getting a bit sick of it already. 

So was browsing the internet today as I got nothing much to do and I am lazy to start on my report. I had a plan and my plan is to visit as many places I could especially in the peninsular before I graduate. That's my main goal for this year till I graduate next year and hopefully I could manage to cover all the states. I will go alone and crash on friends place. So if you're seeing this, haha help me by offering a place to stay, it will be very much appreciated. Thanks! 

Monday, June 7, 2010


Kids are lovable. Especially those cute one. I thought all kids are cute and adorable as I was on a holiday and my mood was exceptionally good. I met a look of cute kids when I am in Tioman.

This boy was funny, he kept putting wetting the floor so he could see himself on the reflection.

London Bridge girl was cute and adorable too.

This kid looks cute to me too. As I was still in a pretty good mood. But I was wrong.. not until I saw him doing...

Doing this!!! Freaking Yao Siu Kia! The mom couldn't even bothered about him already and he was damn annoying climbing here and there disturbing people.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Interesting Places In Malaysia

Do you think that you have seen the whole of Malaysia? I used to think of that but now, I think otherwise after seeing what this country can offer. I could use the whole of my life to explore Malaysia. I stayed in Malacca but I have never step foot on Mersing, Kluang before and for Muar it was just a stop by. 

Anyhow I used to think that places like this are dead and nothing special about it. Of course it depends how you see it. If you're looking for high rise buildings, big malls, fun, entertainment, modern state of the art facilities, then you are wrong as you wouldn't find any of the things in those places anywhere near that.

I am talking about something different, something we couldn't experience anymore after 5-10 years of our age. When we started working, living in the big cities, busy with our own life and always on the move. I am talking about slow and peaceful places. Malacca used to be that way, but not now. It has turn from a quiet historical state to a tourism hot spot, flooded by tourist from all over the places.  

So, what I am trying to point out here, if you have the time, do take a look on our beautiful places. With a peace and calm feeling and by just going around, you will discover a lot of nice and fun people around. 

Here are some pictures took in Mersing. I was there an hour early and there are plenty of hours left before the ferry start, so I took a stroll around the peaceful town of Mersing. It was about 5 am in the morning that time and there wasn't anybody around other than just the few of us. 

Guess this's the main roundabout there. It shows that here's where the port is! 

Just the opposite of the roundabout, you will get this. Keris being block by a lamp post! Are the municipal crazy? or they are just plain lazy to look for another place for that Keris.

Of course, Mersing area has plenty of chinese. Hence the Chinese Temple, blessing Mersing to prosper!

And also the Hindu deities taking care of the well being of Mersing. 

And also the hardworking Mak Cik that selling nasi dagang and some other delicious local delicacies for us as breakfast. But soon after that, a fellow of my friends went to the toilet. But not me, cause I never eat that nasi dagang lol! 

Here's a snapshot of Kluang! My next destination to visit! The only person I know who is from Kluang is Jason's friend so haha Jason if you're reading this! help me out!

Goodbye Tioman

Had my breakfast in the morning. A healthy one, 2 eggs, toasts, butter and jam. A glass of orange juice and a cup of coffee. 

The cat got its breakfast too..

And then is say bye bye to Tioman.. This cute little girl was singing 'London Bridge is falling down' for me while waiting to board on the Ferry.

And we will never forget how much fun we had over there. =) Cheers~