Monday, May 31, 2010

God Pee

Mr Big Guy at the top decided to open up his pipe today and cause a heavy downpour. I am freaking shivering in the office and damn it!I keep wanting to go to the toilet because my bladder contracts because of the coldness.Yea is that cold, I am not joking. The building air condition is crazy.

Dumb Suggestion

'Some Mat Rempit will have a chance to win RM10,000 monthly if they take part in a slow-speed 2km motorcycle race, Pahang Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob proposed as a way to educate them about road safety.

According to the report by Sinar Harian, the race would be held monthly or once every two months with a prize money of RM10,000.'

Article cited from

I am speechless when I read this at first, couldn't believe my eyes. Had Mister Minister gone out of his mind? It better not be our tax payers money.. Gosh what a shamed for people sitting on such high post to proposed something that stupid. Do you think they will learn? Those Mat Rempit should be caned!!

What a shame..

Some Thoughts of Mine

One more blog for the night and I am off to sleep!! Can't wait for Tioman thou, is the time where you get to relax and hangout with close friends of yours. We gonna have a blast there that's for sure!

This week consist of mix feeling. Both sad and happy grumble up together. One thing that I learnt this weekemd was to cherish the people around you and appreciate everyday of your life. Do something that makes you feel good about yourself. As you will not want to regret at the end of the day. Gonna start doing now, and try hard every single day. Cheers! Sleep now!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Coursemate 'The Gangster'

I miss my awesome and ass kicking coursemate, can't wait to meet you guys after the internship. Gonna have a blast with you guys.  If you notice there are two of them missing, one would be me holding the my iphone T.T taking the shot and another one 'Barney' busy doing the work while we are playing around at the lab. Haha sorry Barney, you're awesome too 'wink wink'.

Yea gay pirate LOL~~

Saturday, May 29, 2010

SLS AMG my way of crapping

What's there to talk about, on a car that has a RM 2 mil price tag on it. Nothing.. Apart from the nice wing type doors that opens up side ways and up and freaking big 6.3 litre V8 engine which are capable to go from 0-62 mph ( 0-100km) at 3.8 seconds, a freaking good chassis that are made from strong material carbon fiber at the very front end that could resist an impact when you're driving crazily fast trying to show off to the girl sitting beside of you and also exotic interior design with the sporting touch on almost everything which are able to arouse you in anyway possible. Which some would also say is a better feel of touch compare to a girl's body. LOL I didn't say that ok. =D

So why am I there anyway, I can't buy that, I can't even buy a freaking kancil. Simple reason, to see what I call modern engineering and designing all about. Super cars are something that all man wanted during their childhood but when they have enough money to finally buy it, they found out that there are in their old age and couldn't able to drive one anymore as the heart will not be able to cope with it. So some bought it and put it in the house like a 'pasu  bunga'. They are old, they can't play with toys anymore, so they put in the garage and may be start off the engine let it roar once in awhile like an orchestra running in your house.. but this time is just pure engine sound sweet!! Ok not all of them.. some of them are.

Cars like this are meant to go fast. If you buy one in Malaysia eh.... I don't know how you gonna drive it around, as a slightly small parking space with two car by your side and you will have some hard time trying to get out of your car. And for girls, please don't wear skirt while sitting in this car, or else please be really delicate when you're getting out of it, or else your 'scenery' will be exposed! Yup I have a chance to sit in it and what could I say.. it was Legend... wait for it...dary.

A push to start button, hmm... cool.. is like launching a space shuttle. Nice colour of the seats. Comfy?? eh not quite.. my ass kinda ache when I sat in there for some time admiring something I couldn't find in my corolla. I had a hard time getting out from the car as I had a back pain injury from futsal in the morning. OWh means old man with back problem can't sit this kind of car. Ok pure jealousy I admit it, I can't buy it. But heck I am gonna go get the scale down model and put in my room that's for sure!!

There are plenty more to be told on this top speed of 192mph car... 192mph really??? sounds a little bit too slow for a car with such huge engine.. speed limit??? Most probably.. But anyhow, let the pictures do the talking... such sexy car are meant for people to see =D

Owh one thing good about this car, it will get you hooked with lots of girls.. hot girls =D but mind you, you can't have sex in the car because is freaking small space. trying to make some love in there will cause you knee, back, neck, private parts, boobs injury. So if you really can't stand it any longer, the car enables you to reach your destination fast. =D hahaha

For now.. I will just go back and drive my old corolla instead. 1.3 litre engine V dunno hahaha 0-100km in 28s closing up to 30s hahahaha 
Advantage: big bonet allows you to kidnap a hot girl if she refuse to go on a date with you, got back seat that allows you to do kinky stuffs. Cheap! may be it will only cause you around RM8000 only for now. 
Disadvantage: you need to brush up your skills in order to get girls so yea, your car can't do the work for you. 

Tangkak Beef Noodles

If you're a beef lover, I will recommend you to try Tangkak Beef Noodles. Reason? Simply because it is nice. I like it, most of my friends like it, many people like it and I think it will stay the same too for quite sometime. 
If you're not a big fan of intestine and stuffs, just order plain meat only. It depends on my mood whether or not I want to go for the mix, today I am a bit under the weather so I just took plain beef instead. 

One of the main concern when ordering a beef noodles is the pungent smell of the beef itself, if it is not cook properly, gosh you will feel like you're eating a bowl of shit and you can just vomit in anytime. However, Tangkak Beef Noodles has always been able to do that, in fact they do it very well which is why they are my reliable place to enjoy a good old beef noodles. 

Trust me, I tasted some lousy soup tulang and beef noodles that are smelly like heck! And I wish I never eat that as it makes me traumatize when comes to eating beef noodles but not Tangkak Beef Noodles, if everything fails they won't. 

Here's some of the pictures I took.

The main item, beef noodles. =) nice~

I like the meat balls as well. splendid, spongy and and a good amount of chewing gives you the satisfaction of eating.

Longan... good to take off some heat from your body. Stupid weather! I need to order another soya bean because is freaking hot out there!

21st Birthday

Had been using busy as an excuse till I forgot about it, like I say I look through all the picture folders and there are many things to be blog about, but I am gonna go for this first as I never had a chance to really thank all of them. Sadly to say I spent my 21st birthday doing project and under stress of test. Every year will be the same as my birthday falls at the end of April except this year which is awesome. This came a bit late but better than not doing it at all. Thanks to all my bros in UTP, because only you guys will think of giving me such a cake LOL and I like it, this is the best cake that I ever received haha. 

Funny Moments

I was checking through and trying to sort our my hard disk to make way for some space of my latest pictures and I am glad that I did because looking through all the pictures reminds me of my past and all the happy moments I shared with my friends, some of them are funny and I intend to put it up in my blog. Hope you guys won't get angry about it, is just some small funny things to share. I don't take your naked picture. First up, will be the picture I took during our second year second semester. Remember when we had test and we had to rush a project till next day morning, if I am not mistaken I think it is a MED 2 project. Here's one of the funny moment.

Even thou both of them fight a lot, but yea they are actually in love with each other. I laugh my ass out when I see this. LOL

Prince Cafe

Chocolate ice blended, ok but I felt the concentrated dark sugar added is a bit over covering the chocolate taste.

Worst Decision to order a instant noodles for my meal. Crappy lousy soup and is not even serve hot or the air cond is too cold may be.

If there's one thing worth talking about is the pork chop that comes together with the instant noodles. That's it!! nothing much about it.

Prince Cafe in SS2. Lousy~~ Booo


Strawberry and chocolate eh... not that nice. Gonna stick to the cheese and original next time. That's it hahaha.

Friday, May 28, 2010

A tribute to Jasmitt

I sit around and wonder, watching the pictures that we had, I asked myself why do you have to die? You have always been around but I took busy as an excuse with just a hi and bye to you. You are a very good friend of mine, we share jokes and some stuffs together and it was a wonderful moment we had. Learning about your death was a hard thing for me to accept. Just a few weeks ago I met you in the engineering exhibition, you were full of joy and I was happy for you as well. We shared our internship thoughts and jokes together and we went our separate ways, I didn't feel sad that time as I thought I will always be seeing you in school. I was wrong.

But now is time to let you go, your spirit is free. Even thou you won't really be gone as you will always live inside of me. So when we have to leave you at your resting place, I will always remember about your smiling face and how awesome you're.

This is hardly a goodbye, so I won't weep anymore, because now you're in a better place, then you ever were before. You will always be my bro. That's all I have to say. I love you bro.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hanging Out At 'The Street'

It has been quite sometime since I was last here during the night time. 'The Street' was definitely a place to be at if you're looking for happening and nice ambiance places to chill and relax. Is indeed a very nice place to hangout with your closes buddy or even just merely to be there to meet up with new people or hitting on girls. But mind you the second one would be slightly harder to achieve as most of the pretty girls are OWN by someone already which is kinda sad of course for me. T.T

Walking around the place just make someone feels good, 'Al Fresco' style dinings everywhere, sound of laughters are in the air. here are some of the pictures to let you wonder around. It was a thursday night, when both me and jing zhi just finish a dreadful movie called 'The Descent 2'.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sakae Sushi

Was meant to post this up long ago but was kinda busy with work and forgotten about it at last. Not untill when I check through my pictures, that I realized I hadn't post this one up. Is about food again haha ^^.

Gawd, Sakae Sushi made Sushi King looks so bad and lousy.. Of course the price is a wee bit more expensive but hey.. wat the heck right.. sushi king wasn't cheap either in fact there are no cheap sushi in town unless you make yourself.

I have to say that I am deeply in love with my beef rice.Perfectly tender and juicy beef and fragrance of the rice just make the food freaking delicious and awesome. I think it cost me about RM 10 just for that or even more, can't remember exactly. Of course that portion itself is not enough to satisfy my stomach and I had all the usuals sushi as well.

This was Yuan Wen's portion thou, never try it. But seems nice to me. Especially the prawn. ^^

Monday Blues

Boy owh boy.. God I just hate Monday, in fact I hate Monday so much I could make a song out of it. @.@ Can't wait for Thursday to come. The week start off with an OT right on Monday!! Bad Omen... Gonna burn some jaw sticks and bath with limau tomorrow morning. T.T 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Making Choices

Gosh I wish this day wouldn't have come, but guess I have lived my life long enough to face it or I didn't do so bad in school as this day wouldn't have come if I sucks and keep failing my papers. Yea, is the time again where we have to make choices and this time it will not be an easy one. 

Are you that kind of person that has a clear mind of what you want?? Gosh, I wish I am but too bad I am just the opposite of it, answer is that's because I am interested in everything or I shall say non of it interest me at all. 

So what to do?? Toss the coin??? Let the fate decide? Wait... coins only have two sides but I got so many major choices. Arg... shit!

Is kinda annoying you know when things like these keep bugging you. I am now in the intersection of choosing between interest and prospect. But anyhow like I say, nothing much on interest as, I never had any idea.. all I thought was hey.. that's is future jin ming's problem so let future jin ming deal with it. Crap.. I ended up putting myself in a shitty situation. But anyhow, I did manage to narrow down my scope into two categories which are either energy or the petroleum field. Which means I am able to do coin tossing for it!! High Five~~

I think being interested in what you do is really important, so I am just going straight on what I am interested in. Whereas for the Money... hmmm let future jin ming to worry about it then.

Finally, this is what you get when you're in deep shit like this. Looking depress and desperate needs of answer. But hell no!! I got to stop being depress and be awesome instead. Damn, I am looking forward for this coming Tioman diving trip.. Gonna have a blast!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


*The Popeyes story began in New Orleans back in 1972, with one restaurant and a commitment to quality and service, thirty-five years later, Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen is the 3rd largest quick-serve chicken concept with over 1600 restaurants worldwide and millions of satisfied customers served yearly. * ( from the internet)

You would expect a typical Cajun-style chicken here. Deep fried, crispy and aromatic. Nice=) Some does not like the chicken much as it tends to be a bit dry and rough for the meat. However, it is just perfect for me. drumbstick is good as ever, chest meat and tighs as well. The fries were remarkable, comparable to McDonald curly fries. I prefer Poepeye's more but still nothing could replace the original fries of McDonald.

Comparing KFC and Popeye?? I would definitely go for Popeye but still I will miss KFC sometimes as KFC has localised by catering the interest of local flavours on the chicken and nothing else other than that. So far KFC had been coming out with a lot of failure product.

Anyway, let's get back to the food.

So this serves as my dinner. Damn big portion, after I finish all, I felt so full. But damn it was satisfying. Owh forgot to mention the mash potatoe and its gravy.. awesome =) The biscuit was something new. Is like eating overnight 'huat kuih' that are put into oven and coming out dry and hard. @.@  You know i don't really eat vege so skip the coleslaw.

More pictures below... to let you wonder around

Freaking nice fries, was serve hot and was dipped with chili sauce, mind blasting.. bals blasting, blast whatever...


Chicken again... crispy golden brown drumbstick, much attractive then a girls leg. =)

Mind Blasting!!