Friday, April 30, 2010

Thong Shui Gor Gor

Went to have Thong Shui with Yuan Wen last Tuesday. The 'Thong Shui' so so only lar not exceptionally great but the company was great. hahaha >.< Too bad Jing Zhi was busy or else we could be talking cock all day~ 

Address: No. 36 Ground Floor, Jalan SS2/63, Petaling Jaya, 47300, Selangor Darul Ehsan,Malaysia

Tel: +603-78730148

Business hour: 12pm-12 midnight

芒果西米露 'mango sago'??

 豆腐花+芝麻糊 'Dao Fu Fa+ Ji Ma Hu'

I ordered the 芒果西米露 'mango sago' and it was ok, nothing special about it. Nice but not in an extreme ways. The price is kinda expensive thou. RM 7 for mine and RM 5 for Yuan Wen's. Two of us ate about RM 12.50 and RM 1.25 for service tax. But the atmosphere is great, air conditioned and a lot of leng luis there with boy friend T.T. The menu has a long list of items, it will be really hard if you're a person that are indecisive.  

Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Birthday Wish

Hi guys!!Thanks for all the Birthday wishes, sorry I would definitely like to reply each of you but my internet sucks!! Love you guys!! You guys the best!! Being 22 means I am closer to my quarter life crisis hahaha anyhow I hope I will live my life to the fullest and enjoy every moment and treasure all of you out there. You guys may wonder if my dream did came true last night so here's how it goes.

First SNSD girls appear and ask me to tell them my wish. "Hi Jin Ming we are the SNSD!! Tell us your wish and we will grant you your wish ^_^"

So I have enough of Abracadabra song the whole night till I can remember the lyrics and the dance move. Haha is a blast!! What can I say this girls are sexy~~ With their butt shaking and all. 

But I especially adore this one^_^ She's sweeettttt~~

Owh by the way hahahaha I think this girl looks like Esther Teoh~~ LOL Hope you don't mind Esther hahaha she does looks a bit like you. What do you guys think?

Again thanks for all the birthday wishes guys. Nothing's gonna change my love for you all ~~ LOL I am f***ing drunk I know that. By the way would specially like to thank my roommate for celebrating my birthday so does Yuan Wen you guys kick ass hahaha.  

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Back to Old School

Is been 5 years since I left this school. Even thou most of the time I passed by it as my school located at the city center but I rarely make my way inside. After seeing the newspaper, yea old newspaper about SFI is funding to repair termite damages, I have a sudden urge to go and have a look on my old school. 

I have lots of memories in this school of mine. A school full of history and cultural diversity. We are known as the Franciscan and I am proud being one even till today. Studying in SFI has shaped and made me who I am today. Of course the good part of it XD.

Still remember the first day I walk into the school and sat at this very first bench while waking for the sky to brightens up. Was a new student that day, and was afraid and timid on everything. Barely speaks english as I was from a chinese ed primary school.

Got caught by a prefect for talking during assembly, line up here to get whipped by Mr. Rajindren. Caught by Mr.Chong Yoon Choi for having long hair, ears got turn till it got red. 

The place where we used to sit down in the morning looking sleepy, get curry puff or keropok from canteen and hangout talk cock..

The lower form block.. over looking the quad.

The stage where most of the things happen, prize giving awards, speeches and also some bad things like a student got call up and slapped in front of everyone by the principle.

Owh I use to train taekwondo here when the hall beside was fully occupied.

This is the place the student get crazy off everytime during PJ. We would be extremely depressed and disappointed if that morning rains or some teacher wanted to take over the class as she couldn't finish her syllabus.

How many of you remember this well?

This is the place where we shoot!! and play with our uniforms on and get scolded when we are back home.

We made it to the board at the very end.. Great final year in school.

The place where I use to stand and wait for my mom. use to be a field behind then parking lot and now a Mall. Thing changes really fast.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

When Stewardess Isn't That Glamorous Job Anymore

So what happens when a budget airlines trying to cut cost in every possible ways? You have a short journey but multiple flights per day. The stewardess work like mad and they got no place to sleep? So this is what you get. Wait for it.... LEgendary~~

May be she played too much the night before and can't close her legs properly. LOL @.@

1 Malaysia

Malacca is the best place to show the spirit of 1 Malaysia where people can really live in peace and harmony. We have no problem at all when you have chinese, indian temple and mosque all along the same streets. You pray yours, I pray mine. No conflicts nothing. Tolerate is the way that brings Melaka to where it is today. Therefore, I hope we as the Malaysian citizens will always be tolerate towards each other. Be wise and open your eyes to see what's really important. Do not believe untrue racist statement from anyone that tried to bring us apart. We can always leave in harmony because we are Malaysian!! If we can leave in peace for so many years, why now? why bring the racial issue a big thing now? WE can prosper together and we can make Malaysia a better place to live. 

Masjid Kampung Kling built in 1748 and it stays untill now. 

Cheng Hoon Teng was founded in the 1600s by the Chinese Kapitan Tay Kie Ki alias Tay Hong Yong. During the Portuguese and Dutch eras, Kapitans were appointed chiefs or headmen of the various ethnic communities. It shows how long the chinese has been rooted here, to this place where we call home. 

Kuil Sri Poyatha Venayagar Moorthi property of Kaum Chetty Melaka. Built in 1781.

To improve we got to start changing, first to change our mentality. Start being more considerate. The above act clearly shown a person with weak mentality and inconsiderate towards others. Acts like this shall not be tolerated.

Mercedez SL 350

Spotted this park at the lane towards Geographer.. Nice~~ Car plate very nice too

How much?? I want to buy tmr.

Sunset in Pantai Kundur/Pantai Puteri

Took a stroll down to Pantai Puteri aka Pantai Kundur after going around Malacca town. Dedicated this blog to those who are so busy with life and just hope to have some peace and quiet sometimes. If you're stress out, headache and couldn't get your head straight due to pile of work and unfinish business that are lining up in front of you. Why not get out from it awhile and give yourself sometime to recharge before getting back to work. Here's some sunset pictures to let you wonder around. Enjoy~~

Pak Cik over looking the sea, look so lonely as he was alone. 

An old lady carried her fishing rod back, no fish for her today as she walks back looking disappointed. 

Told ya Malacca Cat post better than those in Kuching haha... 

Enjoying life.. no worries nothing sleep like nobody business. Nice breeze eh.. makes me wanna sleep there also. 

Malacca Upgrading

There's nothing more comfortable compare to the place you grew up or born. I think most probably everyone will agree with me on this. I have strong feelings and love towards this little state called Malacca and if is possible I would like to call it home till the day I die. 

I wonder how long has it been here already. This tree most probably witness the drastic changes in Malacca. From a peaceful and quiet city turning into a busy streets and full with people. From the tree's viewpoint, one can clearly seen that history is making way for high rise buildings and upgrades. We lost our field where we use to play softball and football during our PJ class. We lost the big trees where we use to stand there and wait for our parents after school to come and fetch us. The place has been replaced by a mall, with McDonalds and entertainment businesses. 

Sound and Light is upgrading as well. Construction can be seen everywhere. It use to be a view with sea from here and now, you get nothing but buildings. Here's some picture to let you wonder around. 

Melaka has cats too and they post better than the Kuching one muahahahhaha

I wonder what kind of Mall is this?? No air cond?? shit..

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Malacca Needs More Improvement

Being a Malaccan, I actually adore the transformation of Malacca, I appreciate investment pouring in to the small little state of ours and improving the standard of living in Malacca. However does the improvements are all good and no bad? Somehow I feel there are something missing, having been living in KL and studied in Perak makes me feel that despite all the changes that are going around, I am still the one who simply loves to stay in quiet  and enjoy the peaceful and simple life of Malacca, while of course I enjoy some weekend outing and fun during the nighttime. Malacca has turned from quiet and down to busy and vibe in a short time.

Malacca has been transform rapidly since the past 5-8 years, with buildings coming up rapidly around the city, night scene improves, alfresco dining has gaining much popularity now. The question is whether or not the government has done enough to improve Malacca? Public Transportation is clearly an issue, you don't have meter taxi in Malacca, buses aging are still running around the streets blowing out dark unbearable smokes from its exhaust, jam during the weekends. To be honest, there are still much to be done.

Something that annoyed me for quite sometime is the scene of a bunch of Malays youngster ranging from primary school to secondary school with unbearable fashion sense wearing carrot cut jeans with slipper, baby t and sunglass acting all cool and in, loitering around the cities. Of course I have no rights to stop them from wearing that way but having them going like that somehow projects wrong image to people outside. The worst thing is when they started smoking, spitting and talk loudly at public places as thou it is like their own home. Punk hairstyle with piercing. Well to be fair, the chinese comunity has this sort of ah beng and ah lian as well. I have no problems against their clothing, okay I really don't like it but I wouldn't say to them, but is when they started acting like monkeys in public then I believe is a problem as it affects the people around them. 

We got to stop acting like mindless self centered buggers if we want to improve our country. There won't be any improvement if you have a first class infrastructure but the people acted like they are from third world. Love your state, love the place you belong. I noticed that the government has done a lot in making Malacca a cleaner and better place but more efforts shall be taken if we wanted to maintain our status as a tourism hot spot.

It isn't a pleasant sight to see rubbish expose like that and not covered up properly. If you really have that much of rubbish, throwing it at a public usage dustbin will be better. By exposing it like this, you will attract animals, flies and you don't want that around your area. And the stench smell is just unbearable.

 It is really embarrassing when you find rubbish like this around tourism spot. You can't just throwing it at the corner, people are walking around and they will see it. What can I say, we are just a bunch of self-fish people that don't care about others. As long as the rubbish is not in-front of your house then you are fine with it.
Open burning@.@ this is not the first time I seen this at Pantai Kundur. Kampung?? so ??? they are allow to do that??? And we are talking about saving the earth.. what a pity... 

To be fair, the government had did a lot to make sure that the city is clean but you can't just focus on the city alone. What about this kampung area? By cleaning the places where tourist are concentrating is not the solutions. Every people in Malacca needs to be educated about the importance of it. A cleanliness of a state display the mentality of the people there. If you have rules against all this, please make sure you enforced it, no bribes no close one eye if you want Malacca to be successful. 

New Proton Model?

So I was surfing the web awhile ago and came across this funny picture. I have no idea whether it was legitimate or not. Will try to look for an answer.While doing that, just to show you guys how the 'new proton model' looks like. 

To be honest it doesn't look nice at all. The lights looks like a copy from Nissan Sentra and the front nose looks like copy from Alfa. The side door doesn't look pleasing, no curves nothing. The body is just straight design making it easier to manufacture and cost savings. 

You see I have no problems with our local car manufacturer actually. But when it comes to 'helping them in certain ways' just makes me think that it has gone too far. We Malaysian has too much pride in admitting of our own fault and mistake. Proton even thou being as a flag carrier for Malaysia, as long as it doesn't make profit it should be close down. For more than a decade our government has tried all sorts of way in preventing the company from going into bankrupt and the people has to sacrifice in order for them to do that. Suffering and living with high tax on imported cars, lousy transportation system and so on, at least that's what I am thinking. We shouldn't give ways to so call 'flag carrier' anymore if we want them to improve, they have to be on their own feet in no time!!

Corolla Altis Step Ahead with Style~~

If you have a little more extra to spend in your budget for cars but not interested in big cars like Accord, Camry or so on, you might wanna look into the C-segment cars for example the Toyota Corolla. Equipped with good technologies, modern looking and ride it with style. Here's some of the pictures I took during the visit to Toyota Showroom. Corolla is good but I like Civic better because of the looks and performance and Mazda 3 for the sporty look. 

The front look is just perfect and nice

Don't really like the rear of Altis.. Looks a bit bloated 

Ooo Rims ^_^

Ooo signal light at the side mirror classy

 The luggage space is average.But should be good enough to take up large amount of stuffs.

Nice steering but I don't really like the wooden part of it. 

Here's the pictures of other parts in the car. Got to say I really like it, especially the dashboard that allows you to open up both ways. The arm rest for the driver is just awesome. It would be much better if is leather seat inside.