Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Link Between Sleep and Weight

So is the last day of March, and is 31st!! What do you guys have in mind?? Is it going to the nearest shopping mall to look for that delicious Baskin Robins?? haha well, is ok to eat but always remember not to eat too much. Can always take it as an award, for example rewarding yourself with a scoop of ice cream after a good run of an hour or a good sweat. However, seating in front of the televesion and holding a bit jug full of ice cream is not a good idea. 

Anyway, here's something I would like to share about sleeping. I read an article online which is about sleeping versus weight.. So here's how it goes, according to the article adequate sleep is necessary for optimal mental performance. What does adequate sleep means? It means a duration of 7-9 hours of good sleep everyday. Most of you would know that already but most do not know that adequate sleep helps you to prevent weight gained.

Here's why,
the fact sleep deprivation affect two main hormones in your body, both leptin and ghrelin. Leptin is released by fat cells and signal the brain to stop eating. While ghrelin is made in stomach and small intestine which will signal the brains to keep eating. So both these will affect how much a person eat. A person who lack of sleeps has higher ghrelin level and lower leptin level which will cause a person to eat more. Lower leptin level, will cause the brain to think that you're in starvation modes and hence decreases your metabolism rate and burning fewer calories. ( yes!, you do burn calories when you sleep)

Personal Experience,

I have been through this and now I am making an effort to change it, when I am in my university I used to stay up late even when I am not using the time to study, sometimes playing game and watching movie. What happens after that, I go to the mamak stalls and when I am hungry I could eat maggie goreng ayam, roti telur and neslo( nescafe and milo) ice. Which resulted to why I am obese. I don't feel healthy, I feel tired when I walk up the stairs and worst I look fucking ugly, pimples pop out like nobody business!! My confidence level drop tremendously. Pants are tight! shirst are tight! Big belly! MY belly basically reaches the door before I step in! People laughing at you, teasing you and calling you a fat boy. Basically the more i stay awake, the more things I eat and I no longer has the will to go an exercise and at that moment of time, I sort of giving up already. But now I start to take charge of my life, I join the gym, I workout everyday and I run at least 20-30 mins a day. I have my days off during the weekends, but I played futsal with my friends. Apart from that, I kinda enjoy working out now and making it as my hobby. My goal is to reach 75kg mark by july and now I am losing weight but not losing muscle mass and I am really happy about it.

Hope everyone would take control of their life and start living healthy and stay fit!! here's the link for the article if you would like to know more about it

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Suicide Bomb Attack At Moscow

Just like every other mornings where I will walk my way to 7-eleven shop for the daily newspaper. After reading the headlines about MCA for the past weeks, I was sure that today headline would be no different other than MCA again. However, I was wrong and in the sametime stunned by the headline which stated  "suicide bomb attack on Moscow subway". "WTH! This is really bad..."that was the first thing that came across my mind after reading the headlines. Then I started to think if any of my friends are studying or working in Moscow. Started contacting them to see if they are fine.

The attack really shocks me and makes me ponder if these so called 'terrorist' has any idea what they are doing. 38 innocent people died and many were injured. These people are no any different than heartless monster. Blood shattered everywhere when you look at the picture, I am not a russian but I feel pain for them as well. I have no idea what motive it is behind this attack but I am sure the persons who plans and execute this attack aren't good people, they are just a bunch of self fish people who only cares about their own interest. Bare in mind, any other lifes out there are not less important or less valuable than ours.

I would like to extend my condolence and sadness to all those who loss their life due to the attack. May them rest in peace.

Beer Vs Weight Loss

This post is for all the beer lovers out there, including me myself. If you're a person who likes to hangout in a bar or pub, beer as your favourite drink then please prepare yourself for a bigger belly. Large amount of drink can stop your body frorm burning fat. Why? here's wy, when you take beer, 20% or more of it will be absorbed in your stomach well the rest will go through your intestines. The alcohol willl be broken down to waste products of acetate and acetaldehyde. Both of the waste product will signal to your body to stop burning fat and at the same time your body starts making fat from another waste product of alcohol which is acetyl-CoA. Here's the fact, our body can only process about 15 to 30 ml of alcohol per hour. Therefore the more you drink, the longer your body is inhibited from burning fat and more fat will build up from the excess acetyl-CoA.

If you're looking to lose that stubburn fat at your belly to have that six pack shown, then try cutting down your beer consumption, spread out your drinking on alternate days and the best not to drink any. Some will say, I will just go to the gym and work it out but be reminded that you are only burning the fat build up by acetyl-CoA and not the fat aborbed on your stomach, therefore cut down the beer consumption now!!

Stay healthy and stay fit!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Becareful When You're Driving Anytime, Anywhere

Was heading back to Kuala Lumpur to work. Me and my sister started off the journey about 6 am. The journey was smooth at first but it comes to a slow moving journey when reaching the accident area. The minor hiccups cost us to lose about 20 minutes or more on the road. Never mind on that, but just wanted to warn all the people to be careful on the road whenever you're driving. I have no idea how the accident happen, but I am guessing the MyVi trying to move into the third lane without looking and the old accord came too fast from the back and they 'kissed'. Anyway here's the picture. ^^

Sorry about the picture quality thou, just a quick snap shot when passed by. Both cars were severly damage in the incident. Have no idea about the drivers, but I think they are fine. 

Qing Ming

I use to remember that when I was young, 'Qing Ming' is not much about the visiting of my grandparents grave but it was more like having fun. Because the grave is at Jelutong, so in order to get to my grandparents grave, we will need to walk a little and do some hiking. To me back then, it was a lot of fun and joyful moment, would pretend that I am a 'kung fu' master and with my wooden stick I will climb up the mountain to look for my sifu. ( I am not lying), owh yea playing with fire was a lot of fun for me too back then haha. As I grew older and understand what's the real meaning of 'Qing Ming' I started to appreciate more. Even thou my granparents both passed away since I was just a baby, but as a grandchildren, I feel that it is my obligation to take care of them. Just as my obligation to take care of my parents that I will not avoid in any kind of circumstance. Visiting them once a year, looking at their picture stick on the grave makes me feel like talking to them, telling how am I doing right now and how are they over there. As years gone by, could see that both my parents are getting older and even my uncle who use to follow us couldn't make it this year as he is succumb to knee pain and is not allowed to walk that much, knowing that he would really like to come and pay respect to his parents I can feel that the pain he felt in heart is much more than what he has to bare with his feet.  Hence I feel that me as the young one should be taking up the responsibility to take care of the old people and help them as much as possible. 

This year 'Qing Ming' was special, dunno why but I could feel it when I wake up in the morning. 

Refreshing morning outside my house. Feeling great when I wake up. 

Getting The 'Praying Items' Ready In The Basket

This are the sweet potatoes buns Mom made the day before.

Mix Vege that Mom prepared. Like it very much. Goes really well with rice.

There's a big tree in front of my Grandpa's Grave. Is a marked for us to remember which way to head. 

This was the 'Pink Huat Kuih' mom prepared it when I wasn't around. Never get to try it thou. All take for praying. Non left at home. 

Open burning everywhere haha... not good for environment. But compare to last time, people burn lesser nowadays, at least i don't see people burn ' big paper house' this year.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Irresistable MacDonald

The weather is really hot, is impossible for you to stay outdoor during afternoon, you will be fried like chicken when you're out there. Therefore, sit down and enjoy your meal in MacDonald. Where there are wireless broadband , food (unhealthy but delicious), girls to look at and most importantly the air-cond~~ Even the mosquitoes came fly in and chill on my drink.

Audi A4 & Mercedes E350 7-GTronic Coupe

Spotted this two cars in front of the Dataran Pahlawan Shopping Mall, even thou the new Audi A4 is my all time favourite car but beeing parked along side of a Mercedes E350 7-GTronic Coupe just make it feels a little bit 'smaller' or less attractive. Just have a look at the pictures below and you will know what I mean. 

This is a Audi A4 2.0T. Sexy looking front light, nice rear and the right colour just I want my future car to be. Relatively cheap I would say if compare to the E350 coupe. If you have RM 25XXXX to spare in your pocket, then this is the car you can look for.  

Isn't she a beauty... that front light just look so awesome, a look at it, you would know it is fierce and it is fast. Using the latest 7- GTronic ( to make it simple it just means, it is a 7 speed automatic transmission car.^^) 

Something about this car just makes me love it so much, I guess Mercedes has put up a lot of effort in redesigning their cars, giving them a fresh and fierce new look. Even the rear looks fierce to me.The curve and lines on the body is nothing but to make it ore perfect. 

Saturday, March 27, 2010

BMW 125 Coupe and Audi TT

This was the first time I saw a BMW 1 series coupe. Mostly on the road are sedan or hatchback kind of BMW 1 series. Looks kind of nice and I kinda like the front. The back is a bit normal looking like all the other usual BMW but the tail light is somewhat similar to the new 7 series back like.I think lah.. haha

Spotted another sweet looking car, the Audi TT. The red hot paint on it is just brilliant. You will notice the car immediately even from far. Nice number plate too , red and number goes really well together. Would love to test drive one if possible^^ but I prefer the A4 more compare to this. If I were to buy a roadster, BMW 3CI would be my choice. Most probably I will paint it red too haha.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Hence the SLS AMG, RM1999999(is freaking RM 2 million) without insurance price tag launch in Malaysia. So cheapppp right??? hahahaI could work my ass out for my whole life and wouldn't even come close to that. Fucking insane price tag, ok so does all the other major supercars. The price of the road tax is about RM 16530 a year!!

Even thou is impossible to get that, but still i am really excited to have a look at it. It will be going around showrooms in Malaysia. Can't wait to see the schedule, hopefully I could have a glimpse at it to see how awesome does it looks like. For more detail you can check it out at

Cool and Gay

After changing and customizing my blog. I got several comments from my friend, so here's how it goes.

CJH: why you so gay... ( hahaha what can i say man.. i am trying to be cool sorry la)
JA: Walau why you like bong already, want try change sex?? ( omg jason hahahah i bet if i change sex to become like nong poy, you will get crazy over me hahahaha fml for having such friends who I call him bro.)

Isn't he/she a beauty^^ pretty

KJZ: Wa when i open your blog, i terkejut cause your header so gay...( sorry to scare you my brada, hope your little bro never get small because of that hahaha)
BWK: I think is ok ar, they oni feel gay. ( from him right hahaha i also not sure already)
Renae: Nice header there hahahaha ( owh thanks for nice header but 'hahahahaha???" =.=!!)
and the list goes on and on....

So the moral of the story is that, you need to really define cleary on how to be cool or else you will ended up being gay. Between cool and gay is a very fine line. The thing was that I tried to be cool but I failed. I was drunk that night and my vision was blur, playing with picture editing software and hey! this looks cool (which actually doesn't) hence posting it on my header which cost me a lot of funny gay comments here and there hahahaha. I am not angry thou I am actually kinda happy because my friend did give some inputs to me whether I did good, ok, barely ok, or gay.. LOL  Nevertheless I would like to thanks all my friends for giving some good input. I shall try to make it look cooleerrrrr in the future.

So for other guys out there are still trying, here are some of the tips i found from the internet in becoming a cool person:
  1. you need to fine yourself a suitable sunsheds, those big cool ones ( the best if it could cover a quater of your face and make you look like a freaking cyborg hahaha. Ask yugen on this matter!! LOL)
  2. Get yourself a cool and nice hair style that suits your face.
  3. Put something on your hair. I mean hair gel, not jam, not some stuffs coming out from your body.
  4. Grow some mustache makes you look more man.
  5. Take picture from an angle that suits you and doesn't look gay like the one in my header hahaha.
  6. If you have money, make your teeth look white or else use photoshop.^^

    7. Grow some muscle, go to the gym and buff yourself up, some nice line and firm muscle will make you look good. for example Ryan Reynold ^^

Opsss wrong picture haha, this is a bad example....

This is what I call nice lean body.. can't deny it looks good and fantastic and will definitely push you way up high you might get an offer to become a model too^^

So for all the guys out there who want to look cool, start by exercising now!!.

Note: I wonder why everyone is going to Gatsby deodorant streetfair or whatever it is, may be start using deodorant is a good idea for those stinky pig out there too, smelling good is also and essential point in attracting the opposite sex, no one wants to be at the side of someone who stinks like pig. I am using one but not gatsby^^ hahaha

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sunway City Night Scene

This was suppose to be posted long ago but I only get to upload the pictures now since I forgot where I put my cabel for my phone. I kinda like sunway especially during night time, it is really beautiful with the lightings and all. Most importantly the girls there are hot too haha ^^. Here are some of the pictures I took outside the hotel, sorry about the picture, I am not really a good camera man and I know that.

Ferrari Spotted At PJ Seksyen 17

This is the fifth time spotted a ferrari around my area. However this is only the first time I saw a black scuderia. Mostly are red all this while and a modena outside of sunway pyramid tower hotel.

Alamanda Shopping Center Putrajaya

Went to Alamanda Shopping Center at Putrajaya last Sunday, is my first time there and I kinda look at the outlook of it. The inside is a bit like arabic cultural village i should say haha. But nevertheless they have all the things you need there, the shopping mall I would say is just about the right size, not too big that you're tired to walk in it and not too small that you get bored with it. Has a cinema, a bowling alley and a place for kids to have fun. 3 level and with a nice view outside where you can sit and eat while enjoying the scenery. Here are some pictures taken from there. Would like to go over if there's a chance again. 

Quite a nice place but the atmosphere is a bit different when you go to other places like midvalley, one utama because the shopping mall is at putra, you either see middle eastern people or malays. Majorities would be malay but is not a problem because we are living in Malaysia so get used to it. Two thumbs up for the design of the shopping mall. Not bad for us to check it out.


这会是我在部落格里写的第一篇华文篇章。 我觉得是时后练习我的华文书写能力。对那些不会读华文的朋友, 我在此说声对不( I am sorry if you couldn’t read Chinese, but I feel it will be much better if I convey this post in Chinese it would have more impact and also give me a chance to practice my Chinese.)


最近常听到朋友们在感情路上遇到瓶颈, 我想在此分想我对爱情的看法和关念。其实我在爱情路表现得糟透了! 跟你们比起来我差得远呢! 所以我也不便对你们的感情做出任何的评价, 我只想分想我对爱情的看发,而我的观点纯脆于分想而不一定是对的。

我觉得呢爱情可分成好几个阶段,第一阶段是当两人刚在一起热恋火辣辣的时后 时常能做出些令外人看了感到毛骨悚然的事。 但这会是一段感情里最快乐的时后。 大家都迁就着对方, 每当看到喜欢的人就想中了乐透,可以高兴一整天, 严中的甚之好几天。

第二阶段呢, 是当大家过了热恋期, 开始稳定了下来。 这时也应为大家都有个自的责任,都必须回到现实努力打评。 读书的必须专心一志, 做工的必须回到工做岗位。 最糟的是如果两人都分别各地, 那见面的时间也渐渐少了。 此时, 大家都会忙于工做, 偶尔才见个面一起过二人世界。

第三阶段呢, 大家可能在一起久了, 因为平时的忙禄, 沟通也少了, 感情淡化了。问提也开始浮现。 当大家都发觉不对竟或看不管对方的行为时,而怎么谈也谈不拖, 每人肯让不时, 轻则会吵架/冷战,重则闹到打起来要分手。

或许你们觉得我说的不对, 但这些例子我们都能在周的环景里观查到。可是偏偏却是当局者迷,旁关者清。 每当人告诉我们爱情出现问提时, 我们都会说没有啦, 小事啦, 明天会好啦。我觉得如果你选择了逃避,那么问提永远是结决不了。 你们会说, 我到说得轻松自再,其实我也是那为常常逃避感情问提的人, 每当遇着这麻烦是, 我会选择以逃避来避开跟另一半争吵。 我会觉得这是为了必勉吵架,但也应为如此, 我在感情里糟透了。

如果你还处于第一阶段,那我先恭喜你,要好好珍惜。那如果你是在二者,请努力经营你的感情,多包容和体谅。要是很不兴的,你落在第三者,还天天在吵架,搞到大家都累了, 那不如把手方开, 让大家冷静一段时间, 过些每有另一半的日子, 要是大家都挂记着对方,那在回头也不迟。 要是发觉其时每有对方时, 自几能活得好好的, 那就跟那累人的感情说拜拜 ! 不要应为在一起久了而觉得可惜,不要应为没勇气一个人身活而死残烂打, 要知道只有把手放开才能接收新的事物,感受新的感觉。 记得紧握拳头,对你对他都没有好处。

Test Drive- Suzuki Swift

Just like the name, the car can be driven swiftly. 1.5 liter engine for the car the size about the same like Perodua MyVi, you can expect a lot from it and it can deliver quite well. For an extra 20k compare to the normal swift you will get a 1.6 litre sports version of Swift. 1.6?? I wonder will it be faster than Satria Neo. However I didn't get to test drive the sports version but only the normal swift. I am a little disappointed at the finishing of the doors, it is light and looks like it could rust anytime ( most probably I'm wrong but I just write what i see.) Most probably is the colour of yellow that makes me think that way too.

Suzuki Swift Sports Version
The door, I purposely highlight the top part as it is really thin and looks a bit like milo tin haha

Sports Version Cockpit View, don't have any big difference compare to the normal one, the only think I could see is you have more speed at the speedo meter and red stitching at the steering (kinda stupid if you tell me I pay extra 20k and one of the portion is to pay for the red stitches. ) 

This is the  normal swift cockpit, doesn't look much difference compare to the sports right?? The only think that shock me was that, it has 1.5 litre engine however the speedo meter top speed was only180km/hr and MyVi has 1.3 but 220km/hr on the speedo meter??? I wonder why? May be there's speed limiting device in this car.  Basically a car like this has very small Trunk and most of us would know that, however if you're looking to put something slight bigger or more inside,here's the solution for you.

What you could do it to fold down the back sit and remove the base.

Then you get a two layer back space, the base can be open as you can see there are openings so you can put stuffs like shoes, your raquets and stuffs below and bigger suffs on the top of it. 

This is how it looks like when the back seat is flipped down. 

Back to the test drive of the car, up the hill swiftly, handling is good, turning at 70km/hr and quite stable. It is a good car, response well when you step on the gas pedal. Good suspension, when it comes to uneven road you don't feel too jumpy in the car.  The only regret is that they limit the speed to 90 max since it is only a test drive ( bullshit right, people wanna know what their car can do!!), therefore I can't go really fast with it. Owh forgot to mention the car is keyless haha when i got into it, I am actually asking the guy how I should start it. So if you're looking for a small and fast car, suzuki swift could be your answer. Ok the outlook might not be that attractive but you get a better engine and better finishing of the interior,maintenance is not that high too. They have promotion right now with interest rate as low as 2.5% if you're looking for financing. 

Monday, March 22, 2010

Test Drive- MyVi

Since my cousin came over my place with her MyVi, I asked her for permission to take the car for a spin. Never sat in a MyVi before untill now. From outside it looks good to me but when I finally sit inside, is a whole new different story. First of all, I am a bit disappointed by the limited leg rooms it has, by pushing the seat to the max I would have a comfortable leg space but it would means to sacrifice the back space for other passanger. A brief outlook of the 'plasticky dashboard' just make me sigh but what could I ask for because is a car make cheap so everyone could have one. The seat is not really that comfortable and a bit high I would say so I have less head room, imagine to go through a road bump real fast for sure I am gonna bang my head on the roof. The gear are like the old ones, where you have to push to unlock so that you can shift the gears.

Steering view with 220km/hour on the speedo meter
'plastciky dashboard', it doesn't feel right too when you try to turn the knob of the air cond, like is gonna come off very soon 

maximum leg room

First I bring the MyVi for a spin around my residential area. Since my place is hilly, I bring the MyVi up the hill and it seems to be doing well and great for a small engine like that. It doesn't take long for me to reach the top.  The next I think I did was to press hard on the fuel paddle to see ow it accelerates, it amazed me when the MyVi response really well to it. The handling I would say is ok, turning in with a speed of  70km/hr makes the car go off balance a bit not as stable as I thaught. May be the wheel is too small for that kind of sharp turning. The steering is light and I love it, easy to manuver, suitable for the girls, good suspension too response well to uneven roads. However it is not the car you can play with when it comes to sharp turning with high speed.

It is only fair to MyVi as it is design cheap so that people could afford it and it is good for city driving and highway too if you're not looking to drive at really fast speed. The fuel saving hmmm I wouldn't be sure on that because when it comes to automatic and 1.3 litre engine I guess it will still slack a bit compare to other small cars. Of course with that kind of size, you will definitely get a smaller trunk and limited spaces that you got to live with it. Nontheless it is a good car for people looking for cheap but quality car. But its price ain't really cheap either, may be around the middle range where most of us could afford.

Note!! Remember to get your MyVi tinted and avoid parked under hot sun, your plasticky dashboard will be damage real soon!!

Nice Weekend At Home

First of all, my all time favourite fried oyster.I use to eat the bunga raya fried oyster, but nowadays I change to eat the one selling beside Newton Food Court. The reason is that bunga raya needs to wait for a long time because of the queue, you can't ask for a smaller or bigger packet anymore as all fried oysters are packed at RM 5 each. The boss got attitude problem, and the fried oyster is getting lousier after his dad died. No more passion fried oyster I would say. The one I use to eat now, even thou it is not the best but some how similar to what I used to eat at bunga raya last time where my uncle use to bring me there and ' tapao'. 

Second up, my mid night supper haha yea supper, vegetarian pau made by my mom. Loving every single bite of it, especially when it just fresh out from the steam cooker??? dunno haha anyway is just the best. A little spicy, sweet and juicy, I would say it is the perfect combination. The skin is soft as well. 10 out of 10 mom, thanks to you I have wonderful food. 

Pork with Buns, best thing you could have in a Sunday Morning. Made by Aunty Kim Kee ( aka my mom), all I could say is I'm satisfied. Tender and juicy of the pork and going with the bun is just the perfect combo. Gosh loving every single moment I spent at home. On the other hand I am wondering why I am gaining weight hmmm...

Opsss catching up on the scale^^ shit shit shit!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Morning Erection

Dog is just like human, the male dog has erection early in the morning^^ Picture taken on my way to work in the morning. I guess playing with a dog and calling them tsk tsk tsk makes them high.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Under Construction

Currently doing some changes and upgrades on my blog, wouldn't sure how long it will take but it will take as long as it needs till i am satisfied with it. Don't think will have any updates from now on but merely changes on the designs and so on you might see html coding sometime because i am still learning and can't get the hang of it yet. That's all from me. Jming out!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Another Day In The Office 2

Never knew that preparing a checklist would be that hard, need to check every single steps and look through all the small details. It was really tiring. Been doing this project since last week. The thing that scares me is I am only preparing checklist for major overhaul for now but there are minor inspection, force outages, life time extension and modification and upgrades. Thanks to my kind supervisor I now have a fulfilling internship days in siemens. Couldn't imagine how life would be like after graduation.
Checklist for today:
  • Hang my clothes!!! (Wash it already but forgot to hang!!)
  • Rental Fee.
  • Utilities Fee.
  • Go gym.
  • Mop Floor and clean table.

That's it for now, Jin Ming Out!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Another Day In The Office

Date: 15th March 2010
Time: 3.46pm
Location: Petaling Jaya

Just another day in the office. Work but not too hard, feel sleepy but can't. Target for today:

  • finish one of the work in hand.
  • burn of 600 calories at gym later.
  • sleep early estimated time 00:00 am latest.

Target must be accomplished within the end of 15th of March 2010. Time left 0709 hours left.

Jin Ming Out!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So i am bored, finish my work at 4 plus and have an hour more to go before I can clock out. So there comes my good friend called jia haur who send me a lengthy text full of vulgar word, if you wanna know what it is, (CxBxI) it is. In order to give him a sweet revenge, I retype (LxNJIxO) in return and paste it like a hundred times. I was satisfied with it and press enter, there it goes my computer started to hang for 15minutes. Fuck my life, more appropriate fuck my stupid com. Can't Siemens provide interns better computer? Come on i need to do work like others too. Haiz... Anyway haha I am happy cause 15 minutes more I will be outta here. Hooray!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

8th March 2010 Another Day In The Office

After all that busy and hectic week that I have, my life has finally settle down and become normal again. Today marks the starts of a normal life. It wasn't bad being busy but you feel tired very fast and it consumes all your time till you forget all your plans and your private life. Waking up and going to work at site since 6.30am in the morning and came home at 10pm is no fun at all even thou i learn a lot compare to sitting in the office but you just don't have time for yourself. So it makes me think again if I want to choose between money or a normal life. Both have its advantage. Read a blog of my friend today and there she asked would you choose to be rich or looking good? Basically I don't find it contradicting at all, why can't you be rich and looking good? But if I were to choose, I guess I will choose to be rich!!! Is easier to say than done, and there's a long journey waiting in front of me.
Time really flies, most of us had just got into a new stage of our life. Trying to go online at any instant messenger today and you will see most of our friends shoutout is mostly about work, studies and love. Mostly are complains and unsatisfactory towards life including me!! We are like a puppet being controlled and consumed by work, study and love. Emotional change drastically like woman having period haha and we lose control of our own life. Therfore I really appreciate some quiet and slow moments in my life nowadays where I can just have my days plan out according to what I want and how I like it.