Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Random Updates

Been reading a lot lately, spending most of my time at home, can be quite boring sometimes to be honest, it feels like living in a cage and there's no where to go to. When I do feel like going out, the feeling of laziness just creeps inside of me, part of the reason I am lazy is because my car is still in the paint shop to have some repainting done. God.. I really hope it turn out well. Since I can't get a new car yet, hence, a new paint job would be more than enough for me. 

I cherish my TV a lot lately, and especially for channels like DIVA, AFC, TLC, StarWorld, etc. Can't imagine a life without them, been a big fan of Anthony Bourdain, Jamie Oliver, Janet Hsieh, Samantha Brown, and Ian Wright, all day long I sat in front of the TV waiting for their show to be aired, I even watched the replay sometime. And when there's nothing else to watch on the TV, I direct myself to my books, been reading 'Medium Raw' by Anthony Bourdain, interesting enough to catch my attention, getting to know every little secrets lies beneath those Big Chefs in New York and of course a lot of cursing and swearing in his writing, definitely not a good material to read for the children. 

Am hoping to save up some money to go holidays when school reopens. Been missing the fun going around to new places and seeing new stuffs. 

Laser Incident

If is found to be true about the laser beam incident on the First Leg Suzuki Cup, all I could say is bitter regret for the Malaysian fans. Of course I believe not all of them are like that, but even a small portion of them will be good enough to tarnish the good image and bilateral ties between the two nations. I do believe that the Malaysian team played better football the other day, however if the laser beam disruption is found to be true, hence it will never truly proven the true potential of Malaysian player and only worsen the matter.

Malaysian fans should show a little more discipline when coming to this matter... no matter what kind of sports it is, a high degree of discipline shall be shown, no matter how much you hated the other team. Hopefully, the Malaysian Team continue to play better in the second leg, and prove to the Indonesian that we are better.

I Wish You're Here

And again, my mom asked about you today...
she's wondering if you're doing fine overseas,
I didn't know how to answer her...
I am afraid that, she could see that I misses you deeply true my eyes..
Yes, indeed, I misses you everyday..not a day gone by without the thoughts of you going pass my mind...
I knew I still love you...

I was so deeply into my thoughts, I forgot that my mom were asking me a question,
Then a voice broke out... 'if you're still thinking about her, why aren't you keeping in touch with her?" she asked..
I couldn't bring myself to answer that question,
I just told my mom..I wish.. and I hope I can...
I say good night and I walk back to my room...
The melody of a love song was playing when I walked into the room...
I sat on my bed with my legs stretched out..
One hand holding on her picture and staring at it blankly...
Whispering quietly in my mind...
I love you...
and tears drop down from my eyes.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Road Accident

A few more days left before 2011 comes knocking on our doors, woke up in the morning and I was hit my news that terrorize my nerves, again tragic bus accident, if I am not wrong it was the second of the month, and 24th this year, an average of 2 tragic bus accident for a month, you have to be fucking kidding me!!  

Looking back the time I spent on the bus for the past years, it could have easily been one of the victim involved in those accident, where bodies separated, crunched and squeeze like pizza, my brains could have become smoothies that be served cold. What has gone wrong?! That question keep appearing in my mind, is freaking annoying like flies that keep bugging on you. 

Well, if public transport are not to be trusted, and the price of petrol are soaring high, I guess soon, people will have to walk and track from town to town like what people use to do in the olden days, riding on horses back, kinda cool huh, except the fact that your balz must be aching like fuck after a long hours of riding. Obviously, something is wrong somewhere, most probably the driver, but not forgetting the road conditions as well, and of course, those assholes that drive crazily as thou their father owns the road shared equal responsibilities as well. The traffic police, JPJ, the government and the people should really be doing something, before more people die for nothing.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

说声我爱你,Baby,  你是我的唯一,

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

今天, 我又在成市里闲逛












Monday, December 20, 2010


我该怎么办, 我该怎么做?


对不起。。。 Oh 对不起。。

Sunday, December 19, 2010

For You

If you're out there somehow and reading this, is for you in UK. I am really concern about you and I really hope you're fine. I saw the news and it seems UK is down with a big snow storm. Please do really take care out there. I miss you everyday.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Finally I fulfill my desire which has been lingering around in my mind for the past months. 'Tron Legacy' what seems like a must watch movie ever since the trailer was put on to the silver screen, I had been attracted by the running lights of yellow and blue, the sense of futuristics and the taste of awesomeness. The movie was interesting, but it hardly makes sense, so I guess we should just leave it the way it is, for the plot, fairly normal, blah blah evil takes over, hero trying to escape and boom! big explosion, hero manage to survive. 

That movie gave me a 'Matrix' kind of feel, transforming human into digital form, a new unknown world built by programs, resolutions.. and then a bunch of alien language being use, for example ISO, neither does it stands for international organization for standardization nor ISO image in photocopy. What it really stands for is Isomorphic Algorithm, don't ask me what it is, I have no idea either. However I am hard working enough to google it out, if you're that boring and lifeless then don't mind checking out this link: STUpid ISO

And with this coming of movie, Walt Disney had created the 'Tronorail' in Disneyland Florida and a video game called Tron Evolution was released as well. Damn! Disney sure knows how to work its way to provide good synergy in business. There you go, all about Tron Legacy, definitely worth the watch but is always up to personal judgement, with all the effects and the efforts in making the plot, is definitely 100 times better than watching stupid mother fucking Skyline!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show 2010

What I can say about this motor was, definitely over publicize, not exactly what I was expecting it to be, slightly below my expectation as I was hoping to see new and exciting cars that aren't easily available here, especially the 458 Italia where I could only see from a distance and not being able to have a detail look in the interior. But a round of applause to our national car makers, I think they did put in a lot of effort in this motor show. Putting up with new product line, new styling, energy saving and green concept cars. Of course not forgetting our competitor and well received brand from Japan like Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Mitsubishi. For more details, please do make a trip there and I bet it will be beneficial to you. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Warrior's Way

Another day with a sucky movie, ''The Warrior's Way'. What I thought was an action pack, with luxurious effects, noble warriors movie, turned out to be non other than brainless, fuck up, lousy piece of shit. From the trailer and preview, it was all nice and cool,which lure me to the real movie but ended up to be a big let down. There's nothing that could describe the eagerness of me to watch a good movie, as I deep down inside of me, I am reluctant to admit Rapunzel is good. Reason? Gay..... T_T and I watched it with a guy friend. 

'The Warrior's Way' is short, brief, as thou everything was done quickly and simply. The main character's past was not described or presented properly, the whole movie started so quick, he got the baby, couldn't kill her, decided to runaway to meet up with his friend ( who unfortunately past away), met a girl, help the girl from danger, himself met with danger assassin from his past to punish him for not killing the baby, he manage to kill of them, ran away, leave the baby with the girl, end of story. 

I was hoping to see how the character got trained to be so strong, and to be honest Jang Dong Gun body isn't that awesome, which explain why he is wearing something all along the movie. Thin, and lack of muscle to project the feel and touch of an assassin. 

The setting was simply lousy, backdrop was a desert in the west somewhat similar to wild wild west, but now the town is nothing but ashes. Of course not all movie maker has the finance to make awesome big, mind blasting set up, but at least they could do well by improving the plot, developing the character, making people eager to know more. But is as thou they are running out of budget and simply trying to make it short and fast to earn a few quick bucks. 

However, if you were to asked, I would say this movie is definitely better than the mother fucking Skyline! Worst movie ever made in the century. One thing about this director nowadays, they focused too much on the technology part 3D effects and all, and they forget the most basic thing about a movie, which is to make the story telling interesting, to touch the heart of millions or at least make it a worthwhile movie. 

Monday, December 6, 2010

Traffic Summons

Just recently, I got to know that I had 6 speeding summons under my name.It fucking freaks the hell out of me, thinking that it summons cost RM300, it could have cost me a lot, and before the sem starts I would be broke. Well million thanks to the 50% window given by the police traffic thou, I get to settle all my summons once and for all and in half the price I should be paying for. I guess I am one of the earliest to pay, one day before the paper released the 50% window last till February next year. However, I am glad that I cleared it off and no longer have to worry about it. 

However, the thing that I couldn't quite understand was that, my summons was spread throughout the years having the oldest dated at year 2006, one each year so 2007, 2008, 2009 and two in 2010 and I didn't know anything about it, there weren't any official letters from the traffic police department to request me for settling my summons, not until when my sister receive a summons for illegal parking and went to the police station to paid and check out for me as well. Hence, I am guessing that most of the staffs inside weren't doing their job in mailing out the summons. I read the paper the other day, some even collected like 21 summons, godlike! It only projected how inefficient the traffic police department is.

Yes, I definitely agreed that those who broke the law needs to receive necessary punishment. But that doesn't mean that the person who break the law aren't willing to pay,it is the failure of the traffic police to inform them about their summons causes the inability for the police department to collect the money or make necessary punishment. And if this goes on, I believe next year, the year after that and forever this practice of 50% will continue. 

What I believe would be a good practice are, the police do their work, make sure those who break the law are well informed and the summons are mailed to their home, with the information and everything. Given a window if they paid within 10-15 days from the day they received the summons, 50% will be given, that I believe many will be wanting to clear off their summons as soon as possible, and for those who collected lots of summons, they will need to pay more and heavier fine will be imposed on them. 

What's punishment for when it is not enforced properly, people don't learn their lessons forever! and you will be suffering huge loses every year. Another question is that, is 110km/h really necessary??? They should studied why people speeds sometime. I believe a speed around 120-130km/h is ok if you make necessary adjustment and proper rules to guide the traffic on the highway. driving 110km/h at a constant speed only make one sleepy and causes more accident later. >.< That's how I felt and which is why I got so many speeding tickets, but non more than 130km/h. 

Friday, December 3, 2010

Skyline Movie Review

I had seen the movie skyline recently, and I couldn't quite let go of my hatred towards that show. I never once walk out a cinema feeling that piss off and felt cheated. Worst movie ever made, worst than a freaking porno film. I couldn't quite understand the movie was all about so I started google the movie. Not surprising thou, the reviews and comment for the movie were somewhat unfavorable and unfriendly towards the film. The actor sucks, the director sucks, the dialog sucks. Sitting in for the whole 92 minutes felt like forever, starting was boring, dialog was really lame. I guess they tried too hard in making the effects and forgotten the most simpler basic about a movie, which is to attract the attention of the audience, not only does the film effect was just plain normal, I fail to connect with the film, I felt like I was standing from the outside watching lame people making fun of themselves. Seriously thou, feel free to read the review online, if you don't believe it, please do sit in the movie and watch it. I cursed so much when I walk out the cineplex. 

To the creator of Skyline, you're mother fucking con man. If you only know how to make effects, then go learn how to write a script or plot for a movie, or higher someone else to do it for u. check wikipedia, apparently the effect cost are much higher compare to the physical cost for the movie. And they claim there will be a sequel for this, I wonder who's gonna watch it again. 

Now That I'm Home

Now that I am at home, I shall start actively blogging again to occupy my free time. First up, KL international auto show, can't wait to see up close all the concept cars, latest models and of course the main intention was to be there and look at those pretty show girl.  Cheers.. Till then XD

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Random Thoughts

Is a beautiful Sunday morning, the taste of freedom is awesome and addictive. It never felt so good before this, I guess this time is a little different, as seeing my friends graduating just make me feel that I need this more. Finally, my last paper ended yesterday and is now history except that I will still be receiving my result during January, but that will be future Jming's problem. As for now, I am gonna take my life easy and stay lazy for the moment of time.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Some Random Thoughts

It is now mid of November and I have not been writing for quite sometime for now, partly due to studies, datelines and exams, another reason was that I am just plain lazy for the moment of time. For the past two months life was different, how different? I have no idea, is just how I felt. Going to classes, doing assignment, projects and stuffs are something normal for students right? But why do I feel different? I guess may be the way that I embrace all this norms with a different attitude now.

It wasn't a particular smooth sailing semester for me, the big let down was being informed by the University that all engineering students have to defer for an extra semester. Worst still in order to cover the lost credit hours in semester all mechanical engineering students have to pick up extra two subjects which translates into more work, more effort and less sleeps. Well, after studying for about 4 and a half years now I guess you could understand my skepticism. Of course major problem comes attach with other smaller ones which direct or indirectly sculpted my not so smooth sailing semester. 

Of course downs in life are common, it is the ups that I cherish the most. The moments of happiness I shared with my bros, batch mates. The outings we had, the trips and even the daily lame conversations that we had. Everyone knew is gonna be different after this semester but no one knew or dare to say how different it can be. For those who are leaving soon, they are now being placed at the cross roads of their life, whether or not to choose the road less taken or to follow the common norms in life. For those like me who have basically another 9 more months to go, well may be I am lucky to have room for breather before going out there venturing on my own whether it is good or bad, I have no one to blame but to myself. 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Clearwater Sanctuary @ Perak

Is a place where the rich spend their time after work, or during the weekend for a game of golf, or a swim. A piece of old tin mine land, turn over into an exclusive club house for the members to have meetings, foods, exercise or some leisure activities.

The food was quite good, and the price was affordable.

and thanks to Philip, I got to have my a one fine dinner overlooking a good view. Splendid!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Visit To Boh Tea Farm @ Cameron

This will be a continuum from my stories in Cameron, as I told you previously. 

Life's good when you got a great view....

And you wish you're a tea leaves on top of hill, facing the cool and comfortable breeze throughout the day and night, and the healthy sunlight in the day, shinning brightly on you. 

Or even better, you hope your life could blossom like those beautiful flowers...

With that great view, is a waste not to enjoy a good pie and some tea while you were up there.. and while sipping through your hot tea, you may think about your future a bit, or your homework that's undone at school >.<

And of course, I am thankful to have friends to share such joyous trip with..

To both of them who are graduating this sem, jia haur, jason.. many thanks for the years that gone by am grateful to have you in the boring days in UTP. Life will never be the same after grad but I wish the best for both of you always. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

One Fine Day @ Cameron

One Fine day, is that kind of morning where you don't give yourself any excuses of not going up from bed. The weather was too beautiful to resit and so does the atmosphere around. The morning sun greet us with bright sunny smile and present us with cooling breeze, that's the kind of thing you cherish the most when you're in the highland. 

Is a damn fine day for me! 

Since is such fine day, everything around me seems beautiful, so I walk around and took some pictures of those beautiful thing around me. 

Including a one fine lazy dog, that didn't wanna move even for an inch, even thou you try to temp it with food. One Fine Dog!

Strawberry Moment @ Cameron Highland

Name of the shop is Strawberry Moment, if you're looking for some desert after dinner or lunch, then this might be a place you're looking for. However, I do wanna warn you that the things sold there are sweet sweet and sweettttt. So sweet that you might think that you might not want to eat sweet stuffs for the rest of the day or more. 

The variety of deserts available there. There are even ice cream cake available for sales. 

Recommendation from the shop, forgot what's the name of the desert, but is serve with crust, creams, butter and strawberries. The crust is soft and crispy and with the little sourness of the strawberries and sweet from the cream is just the perfect combination. 

Chocolate Avant, sweetest drink I have ever tasted, is the kind of good sweet, not the bandung kind of sweet that makes you feel like puking afterwards. But I do get a little jelak when the cream reach the bottom and all I taste was dead sweet rather than chocolate kind of bitter and sweetness. 

It does worth the try but not for everyone I guess, especially if you're a person down with diabetes, or a person that has zero tolerance to sweet stuffs. 

That's how it looks like when everyone ordered something.. a table full with deserts. 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Night Market @ Cameron Highland

Most of us should know about this, life gets pretty boring when the sun set in Cameron Highland. Even with the night market going on, it doesn't help to kill your time, as the you will spent about one or two hours top over to walk and see things in detail from front to back. For youngsters like us who are looking for fun and interesting stuffs to do, Cameron is indeed a wrong place to be at, however the whole point going up to Cameron was to chill and I wasn't used with that idea yet. 

Night market is indeed a place that you shouldn't miss out when you are there. A place for all kinds of street foods an other merchandise to offer. What's so different about the night market over there? Nah.. nothing much but because of the weather, it makes you want to walk around outside more compare to the usual night market. And the night market there offers fresh flowers and fruits, OK I am not so sure about fresh fruits but the idea of being there and with that kind of weather trick me into thinking that all the things there are fresh so yea that's about it. 

What are the things that I like in the Night Market? 

Homemade Ice Cream from the locals. RM 3 for a cup like this, highly recommended, some might not like it, but I personally would go for more. The mint especially and strawberry are special. And it taste awesome when you eat at Cameron, your ice cream won't go all watery that easy so you can savor every bite by letting it melt slowly in your mouth. 

I was tempted when I look at this.. I should have tried. Here are some of the photos that I took when I was walking around the night market, so I will just leave you guys to wonder around as I am lazy. 

Charcoal Steamboat At Cameron Highlands

Took a trip to Cameron during the weekend, best decision ever made, as UTP, as usual is a 'fucking hot place'.  Pardon my language but that's how annoying I am with the fucking weather nowadays. You can even sweat without doing anything. I wouldn't say is UTP's fault, but I blame the management for building the University at a totally deserted and exposed area under constant sunlight radiation. Not a very conducive place to study and neither a very good place to go out and play. Might be a good place if you're planning to do 'ikan masin' business, a very good place to dry your salted fish. 

The weather in Cameron ahhh... comfortable. You feel less annoying over there, because the weather was so nice, cool in a good way. Not that humid so you don't feel sticky and wanting to bath all the time. First thing that came of my mind was to get something hot to eat at such comfortable weather, hence the charcoal steamboat. 

There's a row shops with restaurants selling the exact same thing, namely Charcoal Steamboat, some claim theirs the best, some claim theirs using organic vegetables. Whatever it is, we clearly didn't do enough preparation work before, so we just went into the shop that look most appealing to us, hence Restaurant Silverstar. 

RM 15 per person, not buffet style by the way. Food come as a set, there are fish balls, meat balls, Tofu Skin, Chicken Meat, Prawns, Tofu, Vege a lot T_T, Mihun, Eggs and Sotong. No TomYam soup, so big big disappointment for me, default soup is chicken soup. 

What you do here is, pour in everything in the soup. Wait for it to boil, and grab your chopsticks and put everything in your mouth. Simple. Remember to blow because is hot! The long chimney is to direct the charcoal smoke to escape upwards, so please don't try and hold it with your bare hands or stick your tongue there just for the fun of it. 

Friday, October 1, 2010

Fishing Frenzy- Mekong Fish

This was really uncalled for, I wasn't really ready for this fish when I went fishing today, but damn I am lucky!! I caught my first Mekong Fish. Muaahahahaha it puts a freaking smile on my face. After that was a Rohu and a few other small fishes like Telapia which makes me freaking piss off as they kept eating my bait. 

Owh I am a happy man... my mata damn sepet and I can't stop smiling Muaahahahaha. It took me 20 minutes to pull this one up, this fish is a real fighter. Everytime when it is near to the surface, it runs back into the deep again,  pulling out strings from your reel, I was partly praying that my strings didn't break in the middle of the fight. However, it gave up at the end and surface up to th shore, I reel it in and drag it on to the higher ground by its tail.  I was jumping with joy that time and release the fish from the suffering of hook. Snap a few pictures with it and then let it run back into the pond while I kept my happy memories and threw my second cast. 
Not long after that a Rohu was caught on the bait, but getting it in was way easier and relaxing compared to the one I just caught. But that fish wasn't that small as well, weight roughly about 2kilos. Later on was long and dreadful waiting and psychological warfare with the fishes as I observed the line closely and waiting to pounce on that rod and set the hook everytime there was a movement. But then I guess I ran out of luck and all lefts for me was some small Telapia fishes that kept toying with my fishing line and got reeled in by me or while I was setting the hook and caught right on their eyes. One of which got the hook punch straight into its mouth and went out through the other side. Muahahahaha >.< 

HatYai Water Market

So the Hat Yai journey has not been completed yet, in fact I have tonnes of things to blog about but I couldn't manage to find a free time to do so. Ever since I got back from mid semester break, life's been pretty fuck up to say, anyhow since the weekend again, I shall take a break and steal some time off to do something I like. 

Water Market in HatYai, is definitely a place to go if you're touring around in Hat Yai. Is interesting, is fun and is different. For me is definitely far better than going around temples and praying. There are varieties of food there, and is definitely a place where food lovers can go freaking crazy and try out from the front till the very end. 

Do stay alert and be careful always as there are many people walking around the deck which are narrow and full with people holding foods. You don't wanna walk into someone and have hot soup pouring all over your face. 

This small and traditional way of doing business is definitely an eye opener to me. Of course, is not exactly the best way to do a transaction but is something that the Thai's should preserve as their selling point for tourism, I am quite sure there isn't much places in the world are doing things like this. Most of the person selling stuffs there are Thai muslim but don't you worry about communicating with them as most can speak a little Hokkien, Malay and English. 

Drinks anyone? Serve in bamboo or clay containers. Well, it doesn't taste better drinking that way but it definitely brings out the fun about drinking it, sucking liquids with bamboo made straws. 

And this were the foods that made us go frenzy throughout the whole time when we were there, basically trying to check how much Thai Baht we had left and spent every on every single things that we could. 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fishing For Fun (FFF)

Fishing has been fun for me ever since I threw out the first bait, and now it has been a very good past time activities once in awhile. When you do something you like, time actually past really quickly and there's nothing else on your mind other than concentrating on what you do right now. 

However, I still do not own a fishing rod or any other accessories for now. All this time, I have been borrowing gears from my friends. May be I should get my own sometime later, when I have enough money. 

It was a good day for me yesterday, a little cloudy and it rains a little throughout the fishing period. The very beginning was a drought, non of the fish got caught by the hooked, mostly nibble and toying around. It was devastating and it feels really sucky everytime you reel in your bait, it was nice and clean and effort wasted. However miracle happen later when I threw out the bait for the third time. Pff! my string got pulled, and the sound of the string dragging out from the reel can be clearly heard! I was full of joy! It was a big fish! AWesomeeeeeee!! and it took me some hard work to bring it up to the surface, it was a strong fish, it kept fighting along the way. when I am trying to reel it in. 

My first fish of the day. Couldn't be much happier about it, at least I know I won't go back empty handed for that day. Awesome feeling, I felt sorry for the fish when I got to unhooked him, the hook was hurting the mouth and blood was flowing out. 

Well, after the first fish, there was a second bite, and I got freaking insane, without thinking I pull up my rod, trying to get a good hook at the fish. The fish fight for awhile, then it got offf.. haiz.. what a disappointment. The is waiting time for me again.. a few cast came back empty. 

After a few number of cast later, another one was up, this time an easier catch, smaller fish presumably. Less fighting time and I could reel it in with ease. Reel it up to the surface.. arr awesome feeling, second fish of the day. And my day was completed. Two fish.. god I am a happy man,but little did i know there's something extra that comes later. 

I am stepping the fish with one of my foot and trying to take out the hook from the mouth. This one didn't get hurt that much as it resisted less compare to the first one. 

And there was my second fish of the day. A smaller Rohu, may be a bout a kilo plus a little. >.< God I am grateful hahaha. For some rookie like me, is enough to make me smile for the day. 

May be, the big guy on top was having a real good mood that day. I was gifted with third and fourth fish at the end of my catch. We were getting ready to pack and go, and I reel in my bait, along the way something got hooked, and it resist, I felt it immediately and I was like wat the fuck.. and kept laughing non stop... Call me crazy but I manage to reel in two fishes in one bait. LMAO >.<

Muahahahahahahaha, but I let the little fellows go anyway. So this are the dumb fish that nibble all my bait away that cost me to lose the big ones. You were lucky I was in a good mood, or else I will leave you on the ground to die. 

Then it was pack time and fuck the hell off time. 

This was me on a night fishing with friends. Same fish got caught.. boy I was a happy man. 

Any Idea what I got to do with the Fish? Both were sacrificed to fulfill our stomach later on at a restaurant called Onn Fatt in Tronoh, and my mates were asked to come along to enjoy the wonderful dinner. Awesome day. 

Steam fish. 

Steaming with Bean Sauce , nice that little spicyness make it more awesome. 

HatYai Part 3

Two things you will be asked frequently by the locals if you travel around in Hat Yai. First, 'Leng Chai Ai Zha Bo Mai '( translation: Handsome, do you want girls?). Second, 'Ai Bai Sin Bo?' ( Want go temple to pray?). Is kind of funny especially both have such drastic differences, one's for sinner and one's for religious follower. On the other hand, both share something similar as well, which is to get close to something. 

Travelling around in Hatyai, there's nothing much you are able to do there, as is just a busy business center and everything is packed around that area. Other than eating, walking around the busy streets bargaining for cheap prices on goods, and prostitution, strip clubs, drinking and get wasted. 

If you're looking for tourist attraction spots, going around, checking the scenery. Then my friend, you will need to hop on to a vehicle and travel a little further from HatYai to Songkla. Songkla is a province and HatYai is just a city inside of Songkla, most of the time HatYai is confuse as a capital for Songkla but do mind you that Songkla has its own city which is known as Songkla city where all its administration building, offices are there. 

So like I say before, is all about 'Zha Bo' (girls) and 'Bai Sin' (worshiping) since, I didn't do the first one so I can only talk about the latter. Like Malaysia, Thailand has a mix of different religion but from what I can see in Hat Yai, most of the people are Buddhist, of course they have quite a number of Muslim as well. And among all the temple I visited, all of it are Buddhist temples. I since quite a few Sleeping Buddha over there and is not something new for me as Penang and Kelantan has it as well. 

To be honest, if is called a sleeping buddha, why isn't the eye closE? More like me watching world cup in front of a television. Guess most of you should know, that Buddhist monk are well respected in Thailand. and  I could see that they spent quite a lot in their Temples, with all the detail crafting and painting inside. 

This is the statue of Guan Gong ( Is actually a general or protector kind of God), situated on the way up of a hill. There's a big temple for Guan Yin there too. And also en entrance being craft out like a Dragon's mouth. The scenery was splendid but the weather was a little too hot for us to bare.

The place was full with tourist and there are stools or statue being sponsored by people with their names on it and mostly Malaysian and Singaporean and I am not surprised.

The statue of Guan Yin is huge, standing tall on the hill, overlooking the whole Songkla area. Protecting the people, giving them peace and harmony.

You do feel respectful when you walk into places like this, and when you see such huge statue, you say nothing but wow that's a freaking huge thing, same goes to the scenery when you look down from the top.

The scenery from the Hill Top, standing right in front of Guan Yin statue and look down to the city from there. A wow moment. Took some picture and scram asap because of the freaking hot weather. The higher you go, the more you expose yourself to harmful UV rays haha.

Laughing Buddha.. you sure can laugh big guy when you see a bunch of dumb people come to visit you under this scorching hot sun and sweat like PIG! Can't even freaking look up because of the bright light.

Then we decided that the sun wasn't hot enough, so we headed up to a higher level of the mountain, and now looking down from the top, everything seems really small now, so does the Huge Guan Ying statue that I had mentioned previously.  And we are there standing a tall Buddha statue, coated with gold painting. Respectful, symbol of peace and the way of life of people there. Aahh watever~

Seriously, i got tired of looking at Buddha statue, but this one isss fucking hugeeeeeeee... and is situated at an island called Yo island. How cool is that name! But seriously it was freaking hot, and I don't care if the statue is made from Diamond, I just need freaking air conditioning by that time.

To go to a beach at the middle of the day is something really crazy.. After that freaking hot weather on the top of the hill, we then go to Samila beach to make go make our balls cook under the freaking hot weather. I couldn't understand why was there so many freaking people around, may be everyone was as crazy as us. However, there are a lot of stalls selling nice handicraft, and at a good bargaining price, so I did some last minute buying over that area. The sea was.. like a sea. nothing much actually. Then you go around snapping picture with half naked fish human like the picture below.

Then you have disgusting stuffs like this...

Yea, freaking disgusting... that's where I draw the line. I didn't wanna go back home with a upset stomach or feel like puking all along the way.

Then it was time to get lost and head back to our nice commuter with comfortable seats and awesome air conditioning.