Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tribute to Our Trishaw Man, Mr. Frankie

Read through Sin Chew Newspaer and I came across full page of article on Mr. Frankie about his 800km charity cycle on Beca all the way from Melaka to Penang. Not only that he earn my respect but also a role model for all of us. He is a person with great determination and a big heart.

Uncle Beca Uncle Beca di tengah jalan
cari derma untuk buat kebajikan
putar putar putar kaki mengayuh
pergi jauh keringat pun lalu jatuh
Dari pagi hingga matahari terbenam
Dari Kota Melaka ke Pulau Pinang
hujan panas tiada merintangimu
Uncle Beca Uncle Beca Uncle Beca

Visit his blog at

Hope that I can be like you someday^^Not many of us are willing to do charity without expecting returns nowadays. The world need more people like you.

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