Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year Everyone

It is now the end of 2009, and 2010 is just around the corner, let us all stand strong and face the upcoming challenge of year 2010. May all of my friends bless with good health, good wealth and of course a bundle of joy throughout the new year.

Before I closed another chapter of my life and open a new one, lets review what I have done throughout year 2009~~

2009 passes swiftly and without any notice here sitting in front of my laptop doing a review of the past already. Still remember January where I enjoy my month with bundle of happiness and celebrate my chinese new year with my family, relatives and friends. Started my second year second semester, was a hard one, blood and sweat were shed. Got my sweet iphone that I have been waited for sometime. Have a nice semester break, training and training all the way, taekwondo, aikido and swimming. Went for the state referee examination for taekwondo and passed!! Trained under Grandmaster Loh for a short period of time. Joined the invitational sparring competition for TTSC Malacca. Lost!! Back to school again for my third year 1st semester. H1N1 strikes my school, spent my one week of holidays doing my SCUBA Diving lisence in Redang. That's my first time to be in Terengganu. Had an awesome time in Redang. Attended MTV World Stage live in Malaysia, awesome moment!! Back to school, screwed up with ETP, projects, test and exams. Third year 1st was then crowned the worst semester so far. Lost my iphone, sad sad moment. Got my new phone N97 but wasn't happy at all because I still misses my iphone. Finally semester is over!! Had one week rest, join Siemens for internship on 30th of November and is been a month now. Celebrated Christmas with my awesome family members and relatives. Played with new born puppies at my mom's store would like to take one home but couldn't as I am working in KL. And till now, counting down the time left before 2010 begins^^.

So this the brief summary of my 2009 reviews, there are ups and downs throughout the year of 2009 and I believe it will be much the same in 2010. No one say it is easy in life so buckle up and face the upcoming challenges. We only live once so lets do it the right way!! Fighting everyone!!

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