Thursday, December 31, 2009

Live The Best Out of Life

Before 2010 starts, I would like to share some of my thoughts with all of you. We have probably read numerous lists on things must do before we die. These may be important to some people at a certain point I once thaught it is important too but what could be even more helpful is a list of things to do before you can get the best out of life. Try to make yourself a list, ask and search deeply what that you need to do in order for you to live fulfilling lives. This are the few things that I think I need to do before I can live the best out of 2010 and the many years ahead.

1. Eliminate Worry.
2. Find My Passion.
3. Find Satisfaction In My Work.
4. Get Healthy.
5. Start telling people what I really think and feel.
6. Prioritize My Life.
7. Do Everything With Purpose.

I am not sure I can do it all but one thing for sure I will keep trying!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year Everyone

It is now the end of 2009, and 2010 is just around the corner, let us all stand strong and face the upcoming challenge of year 2010. May all of my friends bless with good health, good wealth and of course a bundle of joy throughout the new year.

Before I closed another chapter of my life and open a new one, lets review what I have done throughout year 2009~~

2009 passes swiftly and without any notice here sitting in front of my laptop doing a review of the past already. Still remember January where I enjoy my month with bundle of happiness and celebrate my chinese new year with my family, relatives and friends. Started my second year second semester, was a hard one, blood and sweat were shed. Got my sweet iphone that I have been waited for sometime. Have a nice semester break, training and training all the way, taekwondo, aikido and swimming. Went for the state referee examination for taekwondo and passed!! Trained under Grandmaster Loh for a short period of time. Joined the invitational sparring competition for TTSC Malacca. Lost!! Back to school again for my third year 1st semester. H1N1 strikes my school, spent my one week of holidays doing my SCUBA Diving lisence in Redang. That's my first time to be in Terengganu. Had an awesome time in Redang. Attended MTV World Stage live in Malaysia, awesome moment!! Back to school, screwed up with ETP, projects, test and exams. Third year 1st was then crowned the worst semester so far. Lost my iphone, sad sad moment. Got my new phone N97 but wasn't happy at all because I still misses my iphone. Finally semester is over!! Had one week rest, join Siemens for internship on 30th of November and is been a month now. Celebrated Christmas with my awesome family members and relatives. Played with new born puppies at my mom's store would like to take one home but couldn't as I am working in KL. And till now, counting down the time left before 2010 begins^^.

So this the brief summary of my 2009 reviews, there are ups and downs throughout the year of 2009 and I believe it will be much the same in 2010. No one say it is easy in life so buckle up and face the upcoming challenges. We only live once so lets do it the right way!! Fighting everyone!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tribute to Our Trishaw Man, Mr. Frankie

Read through Sin Chew Newspaer and I came across full page of article on Mr. Frankie about his 800km charity cycle on Beca all the way from Melaka to Penang. Not only that he earn my respect but also a role model for all of us. He is a person with great determination and a big heart.

Uncle Beca Uncle Beca di tengah jalan
cari derma untuk buat kebajikan
putar putar putar kaki mengayuh
pergi jauh keringat pun lalu jatuh
Dari pagi hingga matahari terbenam
Dari Kota Melaka ke Pulau Pinang
hujan panas tiada merintangimu
Uncle Beca Uncle Beca Uncle Beca

Visit his blog at

Hope that I can be like you someday^^Not many of us are willing to do charity without expecting returns nowadays. The world need more people like you.

What Puts A Smile On My Face

When the clock shows 530, a bright smile is put on my face every weekdays ^^ Haha

430pm- go toilet sit down for 10 mins ^^
440pm- do some random surfing online^^
515pm- starts to pack^^ even thou I only bring a pen and a notepad to work, I still pack for 10 mins.
525pm- zip my bag for 1 min
526pm- Goes to start button on my stupid old Dell Latitude laptop and press shut down.
527pm- wait for my comp to shut down that requires probably 5 mins.

Monday, December 14, 2009

My Wish for This Coming Christmas

Dear Santa,

I have been a good boy this year and for this coming Christmas I would like to have a


Thank you Santa, I expect to see it in front of my house on the morning of Christmas. ^^

Thursday, December 3, 2009

"You might Think You're Getting Bambi, but You're Really Getting Godzilla."

From the star newspaper,
"Spine-chilling serving
US study finds cinema chilling serving popcorn a nutritional horror show.
FORGET Freddy Krueger or flesh-eating zombies: the real villain of a night at the movies could be lurking in a bag of popcorn or drinks carton, according to a new US study.
Nutritional analysis of popcorn servings at some of the United State’s biggest cinema chains has found mind-boggling calorie counts that may surprise consumers who think of the snack as a relatively healthy treat.
However, the non-profit Centre for Science in the Public Interest compared some popcorn and drinks combos to consuming three McDonald’s quarter-pounders topped with 12 pats of butter.
The CSPI said in a statement that a medium popcorn and soda combo at Regal, the United States’ biggest movie theatre chain, contained an eye-popping 1,610 calories and around 60g of saturated fat.
At AMC theatres, the second largest theatre chain, a large popcorn contained 1,030 calories and 57g of saturated fat, equivalent to 500g of baby back spare ribs topped with a scoop of luxury ice cream, CSPI said.
The group said analysis of servings from Regal and AMC theatres showed calorie counts higher than the companies official estimates.
“Regal and AMC are our nominees for Best Supporting Actor in the Obesity Epidemic,” CSPI senior nutritionist Jayne Hurley said in a statement.
“Who expects about 1,500 calories and three days’ worth of heart-stopping fat in a popcorn and soda combo? That’s the saturated fat of a stick (125g) of butter and the calories of two sticks of butter.
“You might think you’re getting Bambi, but you’re really getting Godzilla.”
The study said the high calorie counts could be attributed to the fact that corn was popped in coconut oil.
Popcorn cooked in healthier canola oil showed lower levels of saturated fats but similar levels of calories and higher sodium, the study found. – AFP"

Becareful of what you eat guys, if you're really craving for it, take a little should be ok, but don't go large. ^^

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What A News

Wednesday December 2, 2009
College student duped into having sex with ‘medium’
KUALA LUMPUR: A 20-year-old college student who sought a medium’s help to end her streak of bad luck ended up having to sleep with the man.
She approached the medium, known only as master Choy, in April on the recommendations of her friends as she was worried about her well-being.
The 50-year-old medium told her she would not be able to get rid of the bad luck unless she had sex with a married man.
After some persuasion from the man, who is married, the girl agreed to have sex with him.
“He told me I had to sleep with a married man to get rid of all the bad luck,” she told a press conference at the MCA Public Services and Complaints Department here yesterday.
Before having sexual intercourse, the medium told the girl, who is pursuing a degree in nutrition at a college, to strip naked and pose for some photographs.
She realised that she had been cheated a few months later when her luck had not changed and worse, she had contracted a sexually transmitted disease from him.
She went back to the medium and threatened to expose him but he slapped her and warned that he would post her nude photographs on the Internet.
The girl claimed that the medium issued a death threat against her should she decide to lodge a police report.
“I am getting a lawyer now to file a case against him,” she said.
MCA Public Services and Complaints Depart­ment head Datuk Michael Chong advised the public to be wary of bogus mediums.

Doesn't the newspaper posted enough articles on this kind of cases? How come there are still woman getting cheated by people like them? Sigh... what the hell man.