Monday, November 2, 2009

I am Worried...

To all of you that wanna know all about UTP, this post is a tribute to the Exam Unit of UTP, please you are making my life miserable if you don't change the time table anytime soon.

Hey "dumbhead" at Exam unit, I am not taking PMR or UPSR k?!!! There isn't any study week this semester, I have a test, a quiz and a project to finish by next week, and the finals come at the following week and you expect me to suck up this shitty!! time table??? What the fuck is wrong with you guys working over there? Don't you have brains??? If you don't change the time table anytime soon, I believe all the Mechanical student, not all but most of us will fucking fail our exams especiall the last four subject!!!!! I am wondering who the hell is it that make this time table, I believe either he is too smart and he thinks all the students in UTP are brilliant or something, or he is too dumb that he thinks we are taking an UPSR. I am pissed, change the time table immediatelly!!!


  1. FInal timetable da kluar.. Yay.. Hepi coz not much change.. Jming we sama sama go in exam hall commit suicide la. Now i damn hepi dy.. Haha..