Friday, November 20, 2009

Dedicated to all my friend in utp

Take care, best of luck. See you in 8 months time. ^^

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Guilt felt from Top to Bottom

Dear my students,
Be creative. Don’t always ask the solutions (for Test paper, assignments, etc), and then you study those solutions. Finding the solution and solving the problems by yourself are more important to you. You will always be faced on the new problems when you work as an engineer in the future. There are conceptual theories in our textbook. You must be able to relate them in solving problems. You are university students. So, your attitude and level of thinking must be different compared to the high school students. By the way, from my part of final exam paper, you need to study assignments and theories relating to them. Why I don't give you solution for the test? Because questions in the test paper are almost similar to the assignments.
Feel damn guilty after seeing this posted in the elearning by my lecturer haha. LOL

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cat and Salted Fish

Just when I thaught cat likes fish. Not 'salted fish' i guess.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Nice Waiting Area

Finally, Puduraya Bus Station did some upgrades. It use to be hot, cramp and noisy last time, is still the same right now but with the new waiting area, you no longer need to stand and wait for your bus near the platform or the ground floor like you use to. Even thou the upgrades aren't much but the new waiting area gives me a comfortable feeling, toilet is cleaned, air-conditioned and less noise ( probably because many of them never realise about the place or too lazy to climb up).
Hope there will be more upgrades to come.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Study is Boring!!!

study for exam, currently chapter 23.4 Boring and boring machines... @_@ sigh boring~~ Can't wait for my internship!! Good luck guys for the upcoming exam. Fighting!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Sgih.. a man without a laptop

Hey, is a good thing you know if there's someone you like sleeping on your bed everynight and you can sleep together with her. I so wanna sleep with you Tiffany~~ Muax.

Too bad for me instead of her I got this dude who is sleeping on my bed so soundly, using my pillow like his pillow, my blanket like his blanket most importantly he is hugging my bolster and is touching his XXXX fuck!Someone please buy him a laptop... or else he will ended up sleeping in my room everyday and night~~ Eddy ar~~~

I am Worried...

To all of you that wanna know all about UTP, this post is a tribute to the Exam Unit of UTP, please you are making my life miserable if you don't change the time table anytime soon.

Hey "dumbhead" at Exam unit, I am not taking PMR or UPSR k?!!! There isn't any study week this semester, I have a test, a quiz and a project to finish by next week, and the finals come at the following week and you expect me to suck up this shitty!! time table??? What the fuck is wrong with you guys working over there? Don't you have brains??? If you don't change the time table anytime soon, I believe all the Mechanical student, not all but most of us will fucking fail our exams especiall the last four subject!!!!! I am wondering who the hell is it that make this time table, I believe either he is too smart and he thinks all the students in UTP are brilliant or something, or he is too dumb that he thinks we are taking an UPSR. I am pissed, change the time table immediatelly!!!