Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Holidays Aih~~~

Is quite a boring holiday for me actually, spenting most of my time doing ETP project, run some testing, attending interviews, spent time with relatives and that's almost all of it I guess. Owh yea, did manage to attend a gathering with all my secondary school mates and it feels good to see how everyone is doing right now. The gathering made me recall the pure joy and fun during secondary school time that can now only be kept in our memory. Attended two interviews for my internship placement, BOSCH and SIEMENS, both german companies with good prospect and I was in a dilemma when both offered me a placement at the same time, anyway I chose SIEMENS, and hopefully i will not regret my choice for the rest of my internship days. Driving up and down between KL and Malacca wasn't fun at all, espcially when I did that three times this week. Twice for interview and the last one was more like a family trip. Spent nearly half of the day in IKEA, the curve and IKANO power center. Slept nearly for an hour in IKEA by the way, siting down at the sofa and looking at the chix that passed by, Ikea is actually quite a good place to check out girls actually, depending on what kind of girls you're looking for there are a lot of MOMS if you're interested, there are also hot newlywed wife, ladies in their mid 20s looking for their dream house with their bfs and also single ladies who are imagining having their dream house with their prince. You can see young pretty girls starring at showroom with romantic settings with all the dim lights and stuffs. All of them filling their heads with perfect houses and perfect life in their future. Of course there are also example like my aunties whereby they are just going around looking for new ideas and stuffs that they can spent the whole day just by going through the show room. I will be experiencing trauma when I need to shop with them everytime. Thank God they don't shop everyday LOL. So this is how I passed my holidays and when I am back to school, there comes all the work again. I am fucked!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Finally, the time has come for me to say bye bye to my work and say hello to my wonderful holidays. See you guys in town! Cheers~~ I believe more than a week of holidays are good enough to recharge my energy, get myself together and prepare for the other half of the semester to come. Can't wait for the holidays, got so many things that I would like to do. But for now, tido~~ hahaha. It was a stressful week no doubt, can't complain much about it, I guess most of us had to gone through it as well. WE MADE IT!! hahaha Take care and see you guys after raya. I will be back this Friday, let's party!