Monday, August 3, 2009


Is now 4 am in the morning and i am suppose to be in my bed sleeping soundly and dreaming about my trip to Redang but I am busted with my work, i am blogging so that i could get my mind out of it for awhile. In order to make sure i have a fun and enjoyable trip and not being bug by work therefore i have to work now, no matter how fucking tiring it is, i still have to complete my research and write on it. I have finish with my logbook summary and my writing on my findings on the visit to the dialysis treatment centre, and i have to finish up with my background studies. Some of you might not understand what the heck i am talking about, well is my engineering team project work. If you still don't understand, then just forget about it haha. Damn i have so much work to be completed, even thou there's another one more week to go after i come back from redang but somehow i still feel i won't be able to finish it all. Guess i worry too much afterall better do as much as i can right now. Guess Eddy and Peow are happily snugglin geach other right now( two of my friends came down to stay with me since they got nowhere to go as the school is closed.) HAHA /That's all I will blog again if there's another mental block again. Thanks for reading my complains haha kam sam ha mi da.

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