Monday, July 13, 2009

A Training Session with Grandmaster Loh 8th Dan

Went down to High School today for training, without any idea that Grandmaster Loh will be coming and giving us a session. i was a bit late for my warm up, but manage to catch up with the class. Awhile after the warming up and stretching, Grandmaster Loh showed up with 5 of his students from Notthingham University in England, all of them were under TTA. Classes was separated into two and all of us who are going for invitational sparring this coming sunday were ask to step out and train with Grandmaster. Without much talking from him, we started out training right away with basic drill, skipping turining kick and go on with combinations: skipping turning kick followed up with turning kick, back kick, chopping kick, 360 turning kick and finally a reverse kick. After that, we were thaught on fighting technique, luring the opponent to kick and go in with couters for example a chopping kick to the face, a back kick to the body, a 360 to the body and reverse to the head. I am glad that I am in the class today as I learn a lot not only from the techniques but as well on my posture, my thinking and the look into the opponent eye. i believe that I have learn much and improved during the classes but there are still much to learn. I will be heading down to GBS tomorrow to join Grandmaster classes as well. I am so 'lucky' to have feel a direct skiping turning kick from Grandmaster during the demo, hahaha damn he is not only fast and his technique was accurate and delievered smoothly right on to my stomach even thou he only uses his technique lightly for a demonstration, the 'touch' on my stomach makes me feel like my organs are grinding and I feel like vomitting already haha seriously guys I ain't joking about it.=) Can't wait for my training tomorrow, Hooray!

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