Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Second Day of School

Class at 9am later and I am already awake at 8 sharp, have no freaking idea why but may be is because of my biological clock and I am use to it already. Usually people like me will skip the morning class and have a good sleep till I am wide awake haha since I already woke up, i think is a good start for the sem, hopefully I don't miss any quizzes this semester because of sleep. Since is just starting of the sem and I don't have much to do, so I guess I will be just blogging about what I did yesterday. Damn my first day of attending classes is shitty! The class only started about 15 minutes and I am already feeling sleepy and boring partly due to the incompetent lecturer who talks like shit! Class continue by engineering economics which again another borng class and to make things worst, the class is 2 freaking hours. Come on my concentration is very limited. So after the class we went out to have our dinner, spending some wonerful moment with coursemates at Yeolde English. Is just a local restaurant in ipoh that sells western cuisine.^^ Came back and sleep cause i am freaking tired.