Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Same Stories

I don't think one post is enough to elaborate my gratitude towards Grandmaster Loh, he was back to his old school today in St.Francis to have a training session there. I was suppose to go to GBS today but I have stuffs to do and I couldn't get there. So I trained at my old school instead, damn I was frustrated thinking that I will miss Grandmaster's class at GBS, well thanks god haha Grandmaster skip the class in GBS and came to SFI instead just to visit his old school and train with us, I was shock and happy. I was telling myself he must be joking, what the heck, i guess god really wants me to train with him=) So the class started as usual with all the basic kicks and stuffs just like yesterday but with some few things extra which are movement and agility. He personally thaught me how to do 360 turning kick properly and I can feel myself improving, feeling light and lose kicking with better power and accuracy. It feels great when you get compliment from a Grandmaster like him. After the class, I asked him about topics on muscle toning and exercise since he himself is a doctor as well, instead of giving me scientific and bullshit explanation which I am expecting actually, he pull up my sleeves and press my hand, looking at me and he then again ask me to hold my fist tight and compressed my muscle and he press my hand again, he was looking at me and said, "not bad but I am expecting a bit more from you." Then he pulled up his sleeves and ask me to press his hand while his hand were in relax state, he then said you will now feel an old man muscle tone. When I pressed his hand, the feeling is like pressing a tree trunk and I am not joking about it his muscle was firm and strong even thou he is not thighten it, gosh I'm amazed by that and I was so shock, he don't have big muscular arm and hands but yet his muscle is as strong and hard as those body builder, damn this is one good lesson learn, he then tells me your daily training is very important and there's no need to even lift weight but with doing punches and make sure your every little of your muscle workout. And that simple action and the little conversation actually opens up my mind and see taekwondo and all the other martial arts differently.
There's one more thing that makes me so damn happy today, haha we were all lining up to take picture with the whole SFI taekwondo members, our headmaster Mr. Ong and Grandmaster. Kek mom was at there as well and when he saw me, she said this" Jin Ming, you are so SLIM already how do you do that." wahahahaha THANK YOU AUNTY HAHAHAHA KEK MAKE SURE YOU TELL YOUR MOM.


  1. still in holiday jming??
    where do u study now?

  2. Haha yup still having my holidays but going back this coming monday already. I'm studying at University Technology Petronas in Perak. You? How are you doing?

  3. oh i'm studying at upm. doing fine here. just feel that not enough time for a single day. if would be best if 1 day got 36 hours.haha