Thursday, July 16, 2009


I think I enjoyed blogging much nowadays, partly because I'm free I guess but I think another reason is because I enjoy my life more in this couple of months, if we learn to enjoy our life, life will be pretty much joyful and happy^^ Crap~~~ LOL. Well I just wanna say while most of my friends are already getting ready for the school, I am some how still having my holiday mood and enjoying myself pretty much, swim in the morning, relax during the afternoon for awhile and go for training, and during the night time I will be either enjoying my time with my friends or spending sometime reading or watching movies on my own. Life is pretty much relaxing and comfortable for me right now, guess I will be having a heck of a time when I go back to school LOL. I am always a last minute kind of person so I guess this time will be the same, the last one to get back to school while everyone is back there and attending classes already, guess I will just skip my first day of school due to my competition which will be held this coming Sunday=) Damn there's so much things I wanted to do but I have limited amout of time and limited amount of money ^^ how I wish someone will sponsor me on all the activities I am about to do, if any of my uncle or aunty are reading this post, please take note or gimme a call if you wish to sponsor me on the activities below hehe= )
1. Take Scuba Diving Lisence
a. Open water dive
b. Advanced open water diving
c. Rescue Diver
d. Master diver
e. Instructor( you guys must think I am crazy but since I am going for it, why not go all out right haha, of course I won't be taking all in one breath, but that's the target I wanna achieve. May be can take eco diver like Eddy also, I respect him as he do what he wants and what he dream of, most of us always got held back and got stagnant)
2. Get a good Bike, I am joining the Malaccan Cycling Club hehehe (bike price ranging from 800-1000 ringgit, why do i need to buy such expensive bike? CAuse I am gonna cycle for long distance as in from MLC to Thailand! ^^)
3. Second Dan Black Belt, I think I can sponsor myself on this one hahaha but if you guys wish to help out, you can pay for my Korean certificate which will be roughly around 70USD perhaps^^
4.National referee in taekwondo, still waiting for my state referee results thou sigh damn!!
5. Somehow I feel like going Camping, damn OBS CALL ME NOW!!!
The list can go on some more but this are the few things which I wanna do at the moment I guess, life is great when you achieve things=)

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