Monday, July 13, 2009


So today is the day, relatives all came to my place and we had a small gathering( not exactly a small one looking at the number of people that turn up, some small kids which i don't even know existed showed up and called me uncle!!) What the heck!! I think I kinda lose touch with my family members for quite sometime already haha. So back to the gathering, thanks to my mom who cooked so much foods that is enough to feed 20 pigs and have much leftovers because only people that showed up instead of pigs. Guess I need to eat the same food for the rest of my week already, damn it!!! Catching up is good, at least i know how many family members i should top up in my list already haha. What can I say, guess everyone is busy with their own work and life i guess after they started working, I hadn't seen my cousin in ages and he is now a middle age man with two kids already and a big belly. Haha damn I really don't wish to be that way but is unavoidable that one needs to settle down at a certain point of their life. I'm perfectly fine with this but not the belly please.. haha No more macho ad... die die

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