Sunday, July 12, 2009


Damn, I hate living a boring life which is exactly today. I was told yesterday by my mom to wait for my aunt and not go anywhere today. I was planning to go for a swim in the morning and damn there goes my plan. Wake up in the morning, not knowing what to do, put on my sport shoe and went out for a jog, came home and get a morning shower and sat down in the living room switching channels while waiting for my aunt who are suppose to come. I was freaking boring since morning watching 'travel and living' and 'asian food channel' again and again. Anyway I think Anthony Bourdain the host for 'A Cook's Tour' was kinda cool haha, that episod was talking about how to be a Capriocan(not sure about the spelling, sorry about that). Anyway back to my boring life, after that last show I was like damn where the hell is my aunt and the clock was showing 12 noon already. Feeling a bit hungry, went to the kitchen and get something to chew on. Time was passing damn slowly, gosh i hate this kind of feeling. Picked up the phone and called my mom to ask whether my aunt was coming or not and the answer was not sure, and i was given strict orders to wait or else i don't get my dinner tonight LOL, felt threaten so I waited, i even started reading a book, 'gosh' can't believe that's happening. Time past so slowly, I waited till about 4pm in the afternoon and I already felt sleepy, so I went upstairs to get a nap, not having much thaught about it, I slept soundly and I woke up at 8pm. Mom was back and when I went down stairs thinking that my aunt had arrived, my mom gave me this surprise answer 'owh your aunt isn't coming till tmr'. Damn it!!!

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