Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Day

When the day going back to UTP is drawing nearer, i guess most of us will tend to appreciate our days at home more=) Having the thaught of going back isn't a pleasant one for me actually, but most of you will say, I thaught you kept complaining that you're boring at Malacca?? The thing is study is not exactly my cup of tea, so exam, test and assignment are my totaly enemy haha but one could not avoid his responsibilities, studying well and get a good result is my goal so I am gonna finish it no matter how. This sem's result is fairly good and met my expectation but I think i can do much better so for this upcoming semester i will try harder=). Life is all about achieving your goals and challenge yourself, without it one will lose his or her direction in life, I am a person who's life depends totally on my targets and achievement, without it I guess i would rather die haha. Today isn't a special day for me, go swimming in the morning, brought my black belt certificate to frame up, hope can get it tomorrow, training in the afternoon with grandmaster, today's training was intense and tiring partly is due to the weather but also grandmaster push us to do more this time, learn a lot thou and I am happy with my progress=) The reason why I only get to write this post at this time which is the morning of the second day is because i just got back from pool with my new friends from MMU Melaka, damn I had fun and my skills are improving, pool is basically like my side training, I play pool like minimum 2 times a week LOL. Another thing I wish to improve is guitar, hopefully someone will kind enough to spent sometime in teaching me when I got back to school=). Thaught of learning korean, bought a book, did some reading but I can barely say I master the basic haha I even forgot how to say from one till ten sometime but since I attended the referee courses, I remembered it thoroughly since I have been repeating that for straight two days=) So that's MMU's lecture tomorrow hehe=) Bye~~

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