Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Malaysian Taekwondo Federation Referees Seminar and Qualification Course

Went up to KL last weekend to attend the referee qualification course at Bukit Jalil, Majlis Sukan Negara, Dewan Commenwealth. The course is held for two days, 4 and 5th July. It didn't come to my mind before that I wanna become a referee, since my instructor had asked and I am so free as I'm having the holiday so I took up the challenge and take the effort to go up there. Wake up 530 in the morning to wash up and change. Then took the lrt from Kelana Jaya around 615am and change to Sri Petaling line at Masjid Jamek. Damn I only manage to reach there in tiime even thou I woke up that early. Bukit Jalil is far. So the first day was mostly about lecturing on competition rules and interpretation plus some discussion and QnA session. After lunch we have our hand signal practice, the examinar in front was showing us how to do 'kyong-go, 'gam-jeon', plus starting procedure hand signal. Then we move on to competition simulations where we need to become the center referee and control the match applying all the hand signal and giving 'kyong-go' (penalty) and 'gam-jeon' (deduction) when is necessary. There were like 90 plus of us there some of them are going for national referee and some are here for refreshing. By the time we finish is already 6 plus. I reach back home about 8 and got to study the whole damn rule book just for the theory test tmr.

The next morning was all about practicing and simulations from 8am in the morning till 12pm in the affternoon, then we break for our lunch. After lunch we were given the score sheet and learn how to give score. About 1pm our theory test starts and following after that was our practical test where we were called up to the front to give hand signal. The third part of the test was the simulation test and again we are required to stand at the middle to become the centre referee, the tension is much more different now as we couldn't expect what would happen during the match, two players were fighting in front and you have to give full concentration while every other people are watching you plus the examiners. Whew... Here are some pictures taken during the seminars=)

Hand signal test, the people standing are giving a 'kyong-go' hand signal=)
Simulation of competition starts, the person in the middle is the center referee and both persons standing at the side are the player that are fighting. The person sitting down at the side is the coach holding the protest card and the person sitting at the corner is the corner judge.
The person sitting in the middle with blue shirt is the examiner.

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