Sunday, July 19, 2009

Last Day Training with Grandmaster Loh

Friday17th of July 2009, woke up in the morning, follow the England team for breakfast, head down to Cannosa Convent for our afternoon training, damn it was intense wearing full gear and train isn't a fun thing especially under hot weather like this in Malaysia but it was fun and a good experience for me. After the training we had a tea break and head back to the hotel for shower. We then go to Notredam school for our night black belt training. Well today is the day when I met with my opponent face to face and damn he is tall and fit!! I wonder how will I ended up on Friday. Will definitely tried my best, based on my past record of fighting I met with taller person then me everytime i am fighting in the category, my very first encountered was with Grandmaster's son, Nicholas Loh and he is good. Will try my best later^^ Here are some pictures taken ^^

Our group photo taken during training time in Cannosa.

Apparently it was Shontelle's birthday that day after black belt class we all celebrated for her. The ang mo girl standing at the back was Stephy.

Crstaly Brown posing her new Bakat T, a give from TTSC Melaka^^
Utaro and Kevin, 3 dan and 4 dan.
Meet Mark, he will be in my opponent later, 2nd Dan.^^ That's all.


  1. basket you stay with the whole team?dammit...haha...looks like i miss the fun...

  2. Haha yea you miss the fun dude lol, I never stay with them but train with them everyday.