Thursday, July 16, 2009


Today's training was intense and tiring, 3 hours straight of sparring technique which for Grandmaster was basic but for us it was grueling and at the end of the training session everyone was gasping for air and looking for water. Tomorrow is gonna be a fantastic day LOL, breakfast in the morning with the international team, afternooon training with them at Canossa Convent from 215 till god knows what time and I will have my black belt class at night which again I have no idea what time it will gonna end. The thing is this, when you are training with Grandmaster, it seems that duration is totally out of the question and it will never comes to your mind unless you're dying and out of breath and when that happens, time will pass very slowly. But for Grandmaster somehow he still feel we are lacking and still need more practice while time is always not enough for him. I am grateful that I am learning under both Grandmaster Loh and Master Loh. Pray hard for me tomorrow that I will survive=) hahaha
One more think I forgot to add, I got kick at the bals today by Grandmaster, how wonderful is that LOL hope is still functioning^^

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