Thursday, July 30, 2009


It seems like things has gotten a bit serious over here in our school, the management had been giving out free mask to everyone of us and we are all required to wear it whenever we are in pocket D and C. We are dying here guys, come save us haha. For those who are under quarantine right now, I wish you guys will recover soon.^^Fighting!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Boring Day~~

Go for classes as usual, nothing special happens today, except during vibration class when the lecturer suddenly ask: "does anyone have any problem with period??" hahaha and everyone laugh like hell. I am seriously waiting for my school to be close down, haahahahaha joking joking.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Since it rains yesterday night, the weather is clear today ^^ yeay! Is a good day to kick start with my work. This semester is tough, there usually won't have any work for our first week since everyone just got back and settle down but things have been moving fast during our first week. Is time to start my engine and get working already=) Other than that if there's any free time I think i will go and relax myself, been looking forward to go penang and meet up with my friends in usm. Then visit kek at uum hahaha! This coming mid semester break, I will be going for my scuba diving lisence hooray!!! Hope everything goes smoothly. I can't go back mlc that often this semester since I have a meeting with my supervisor on Friday evening, damn it!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


The haze seems to get more serious nowadays, the visibility is low from outside of my window, i can smell smoke when i am outdoor and my eyes starts to feel sore. Please do take care of yourself guys, it isn't fun staying outside for long. Keep yourself indoor, if you really do need to get out, please wear a mask or something. Drink more water and stay healthy, cheers~~ ^^

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Good Morning Malaysia

I am now awake, done washing up. Waiting for the time to come so that I can go to class. Well, for your info, a few of my batchmates already fall sick and is now quarantined in their respective room. Damn I also heard from my friends that one of the uitm in Perak is closed due to ?H1N1 outbreak in their school, and most of the students were ask to go back, and for those who were suspected to be infected by the influenza were asked to remaine in their room untill futher notice, haha that's fuck up man. Hope nothing happens to my school, going back home is good but there more things to do this semester even thou it isn't fun here. That's all for now, take good care guys~~


Damn, i seriously miss doing taekwondo. Is 2 am in the morning and I actually feel like doing taekwondo, doing some stretching and kicking stuffs. Haha what am I thinking?! Just sleep la dude~~ Chal Ja Yo~~

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Second Day of School

Class at 9am later and I am already awake at 8 sharp, have no freaking idea why but may be is because of my biological clock and I am use to it already. Usually people like me will skip the morning class and have a good sleep till I am wide awake haha since I already woke up, i think is a good start for the sem, hopefully I don't miss any quizzes this semester because of sleep. Since is just starting of the sem and I don't have much to do, so I guess I will be just blogging about what I did yesterday. Damn my first day of attending classes is shitty! The class only started about 15 minutes and I am already feeling sleepy and boring partly due to the incompetent lecturer who talks like shit! Class continue by engineering economics which again another borng class and to make things worst, the class is 2 freaking hours. Come on my concentration is very limited. So after the class we went out to have our dinner, spending some wonerful moment with coursemates at Yeolde English. Is just a local restaurant in ipoh that sells western cuisine.^^ Came back and sleep cause i am freaking tired.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

First Day Back in School

Why am i waking up so early in the morning when I don't even have classes untill 1pm in the afternoon, heck how i wish I can sleep more, my room is so comfortable with a nice view directly outside the basketball and futsal courts. There's something wong with the weather it seems the haze has gotten much worst and the visibility is low compare to usual. Is making my eyes sore and my nose is running. Damn it!! Anyway my group project is starting soon and I believe I will get busy in no time. So if plese forgive me if there's very little post going on this few months, anyway I will try my best^^

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Competition

I lost my fight and the last score was 10-8 damn it, I will train harder this time around and look forward for the next fight. Is a great experience I had and I learn a lot throught out this two months with all the trainings and stuff, especially with Grandmaster Loh, now I know what I am lacking off and I will train myself well. I had try my best during the fight but may be it isn't enough. Whew that was a tough fight, was lacking 5 points right at the beginning and I got to chase like mad and kept attacking. When i finally got the mommentum, there isn't enough time left for me. Thanks to everyone who held me throughout these period of time=) Thanks a lot, Kam Sam Ha Mi Da.^^ See you guys next year~~

Last Day Training with Grandmaster Loh

Friday17th of July 2009, woke up in the morning, follow the England team for breakfast, head down to Cannosa Convent for our afternoon training, damn it was intense wearing full gear and train isn't a fun thing especially under hot weather like this in Malaysia but it was fun and a good experience for me. After the training we had a tea break and head back to the hotel for shower. We then go to Notredam school for our night black belt training. Well today is the day when I met with my opponent face to face and damn he is tall and fit!! I wonder how will I ended up on Friday. Will definitely tried my best, based on my past record of fighting I met with taller person then me everytime i am fighting in the category, my very first encountered was with Grandmaster's son, Nicholas Loh and he is good. Will try my best later^^ Here are some pictures taken ^^

Our group photo taken during training time in Cannosa.

Apparently it was Shontelle's birthday that day after black belt class we all celebrated for her. The ang mo girl standing at the back was Stephy.

Crstaly Brown posing her new Bakat T, a give from TTSC Melaka^^
Utaro and Kevin, 3 dan and 4 dan.
Meet Mark, he will be in my opponent later, 2nd Dan.^^ That's all.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Today's training was intense and tiring, 3 hours straight of sparring technique which for Grandmaster was basic but for us it was grueling and at the end of the training session everyone was gasping for air and looking for water. Tomorrow is gonna be a fantastic day LOL, breakfast in the morning with the international team, afternooon training with them at Canossa Convent from 215 till god knows what time and I will have my black belt class at night which again I have no idea what time it will gonna end. The thing is this, when you are training with Grandmaster, it seems that duration is totally out of the question and it will never comes to your mind unless you're dying and out of breath and when that happens, time will pass very slowly. But for Grandmaster somehow he still feel we are lacking and still need more practice while time is always not enough for him. I am grateful that I am learning under both Grandmaster Loh and Master Loh. Pray hard for me tomorrow that I will survive=) hahaha
One more think I forgot to add, I got kick at the bals today by Grandmaster, how wonderful is that LOL hope is still functioning^^


I think I enjoyed blogging much nowadays, partly because I'm free I guess but I think another reason is because I enjoy my life more in this couple of months, if we learn to enjoy our life, life will be pretty much joyful and happy^^ Crap~~~ LOL. Well I just wanna say while most of my friends are already getting ready for the school, I am some how still having my holiday mood and enjoying myself pretty much, swim in the morning, relax during the afternoon for awhile and go for training, and during the night time I will be either enjoying my time with my friends or spending sometime reading or watching movies on my own. Life is pretty much relaxing and comfortable for me right now, guess I will be having a heck of a time when I go back to school LOL. I am always a last minute kind of person so I guess this time will be the same, the last one to get back to school while everyone is back there and attending classes already, guess I will just skip my first day of school due to my competition which will be held this coming Sunday=) Damn there's so much things I wanted to do but I have limited amout of time and limited amount of money ^^ how I wish someone will sponsor me on all the activities I am about to do, if any of my uncle or aunty are reading this post, please take note or gimme a call if you wish to sponsor me on the activities below hehe= )
1. Take Scuba Diving Lisence
a. Open water dive
b. Advanced open water diving
c. Rescue Diver
d. Master diver
e. Instructor( you guys must think I am crazy but since I am going for it, why not go all out right haha, of course I won't be taking all in one breath, but that's the target I wanna achieve. May be can take eco diver like Eddy also, I respect him as he do what he wants and what he dream of, most of us always got held back and got stagnant)
2. Get a good Bike, I am joining the Malaccan Cycling Club hehehe (bike price ranging from 800-1000 ringgit, why do i need to buy such expensive bike? CAuse I am gonna cycle for long distance as in from MLC to Thailand! ^^)
3. Second Dan Black Belt, I think I can sponsor myself on this one hahaha but if you guys wish to help out, you can pay for my Korean certificate which will be roughly around 70USD perhaps^^
4.National referee in taekwondo, still waiting for my state referee results thou sigh damn!!
5. Somehow I feel like going Camping, damn OBS CALL ME NOW!!!
The list can go on some more but this are the few things which I wanna do at the moment I guess, life is great when you achieve things=)

My Day

When the day going back to UTP is drawing nearer, i guess most of us will tend to appreciate our days at home more=) Having the thaught of going back isn't a pleasant one for me actually, but most of you will say, I thaught you kept complaining that you're boring at Malacca?? The thing is study is not exactly my cup of tea, so exam, test and assignment are my totaly enemy haha but one could not avoid his responsibilities, studying well and get a good result is my goal so I am gonna finish it no matter how. This sem's result is fairly good and met my expectation but I think i can do much better so for this upcoming semester i will try harder=). Life is all about achieving your goals and challenge yourself, without it one will lose his or her direction in life, I am a person who's life depends totally on my targets and achievement, without it I guess i would rather die haha. Today isn't a special day for me, go swimming in the morning, brought my black belt certificate to frame up, hope can get it tomorrow, training in the afternoon with grandmaster, today's training was intense and tiring partly is due to the weather but also grandmaster push us to do more this time, learn a lot thou and I am happy with my progress=) The reason why I only get to write this post at this time which is the morning of the second day is because i just got back from pool with my new friends from MMU Melaka, damn I had fun and my skills are improving, pool is basically like my side training, I play pool like minimum 2 times a week LOL. Another thing I wish to improve is guitar, hopefully someone will kind enough to spent sometime in teaching me when I got back to school=). Thaught of learning korean, bought a book, did some reading but I can barely say I master the basic haha I even forgot how to say from one till ten sometime but since I attended the referee courses, I remembered it thoroughly since I have been repeating that for straight two days=) So that's MMU's lecture tomorrow hehe=) Bye~~

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Same Stories

I don't think one post is enough to elaborate my gratitude towards Grandmaster Loh, he was back to his old school today in St.Francis to have a training session there. I was suppose to go to GBS today but I have stuffs to do and I couldn't get there. So I trained at my old school instead, damn I was frustrated thinking that I will miss Grandmaster's class at GBS, well thanks god haha Grandmaster skip the class in GBS and came to SFI instead just to visit his old school and train with us, I was shock and happy. I was telling myself he must be joking, what the heck, i guess god really wants me to train with him=) So the class started as usual with all the basic kicks and stuffs just like yesterday but with some few things extra which are movement and agility. He personally thaught me how to do 360 turning kick properly and I can feel myself improving, feeling light and lose kicking with better power and accuracy. It feels great when you get compliment from a Grandmaster like him. After the class, I asked him about topics on muscle toning and exercise since he himself is a doctor as well, instead of giving me scientific and bullshit explanation which I am expecting actually, he pull up my sleeves and press my hand, looking at me and he then again ask me to hold my fist tight and compressed my muscle and he press my hand again, he was looking at me and said, "not bad but I am expecting a bit more from you." Then he pulled up his sleeves and ask me to press his hand while his hand were in relax state, he then said you will now feel an old man muscle tone. When I pressed his hand, the feeling is like pressing a tree trunk and I am not joking about it his muscle was firm and strong even thou he is not thighten it, gosh I'm amazed by that and I was so shock, he don't have big muscular arm and hands but yet his muscle is as strong and hard as those body builder, damn this is one good lesson learn, he then tells me your daily training is very important and there's no need to even lift weight but with doing punches and make sure your every little of your muscle workout. And that simple action and the little conversation actually opens up my mind and see taekwondo and all the other martial arts differently.
There's one more thing that makes me so damn happy today, haha we were all lining up to take picture with the whole SFI taekwondo members, our headmaster Mr. Ong and Grandmaster. Kek mom was at there as well and when he saw me, she said this" Jin Ming, you are so SLIM already how do you do that." wahahahaha THANK YOU AUNTY HAHAHAHA KEK MAKE SURE YOU TELL YOUR MOM.

Monday, July 13, 2009

A Training Session with Grandmaster Loh 8th Dan

Went down to High School today for training, without any idea that Grandmaster Loh will be coming and giving us a session. i was a bit late for my warm up, but manage to catch up with the class. Awhile after the warming up and stretching, Grandmaster Loh showed up with 5 of his students from Notthingham University in England, all of them were under TTA. Classes was separated into two and all of us who are going for invitational sparring this coming sunday were ask to step out and train with Grandmaster. Without much talking from him, we started out training right away with basic drill, skipping turining kick and go on with combinations: skipping turning kick followed up with turning kick, back kick, chopping kick, 360 turning kick and finally a reverse kick. After that, we were thaught on fighting technique, luring the opponent to kick and go in with couters for example a chopping kick to the face, a back kick to the body, a 360 to the body and reverse to the head. I am glad that I am in the class today as I learn a lot not only from the techniques but as well on my posture, my thinking and the look into the opponent eye. i believe that I have learn much and improved during the classes but there are still much to learn. I will be heading down to GBS tomorrow to join Grandmaster classes as well. I am so 'lucky' to have feel a direct skiping turning kick from Grandmaster during the demo, hahaha damn he is not only fast and his technique was accurate and delievered smoothly right on to my stomach even thou he only uses his technique lightly for a demonstration, the 'touch' on my stomach makes me feel like my organs are grinding and I feel like vomitting already haha seriously guys I ain't joking about it.=) Can't wait for my training tomorrow, Hooray!


So today is the day, relatives all came to my place and we had a small gathering( not exactly a small one looking at the number of people that turn up, some small kids which i don't even know existed showed up and called me uncle!!) What the heck!! I think I kinda lose touch with my family members for quite sometime already haha. So back to the gathering, thanks to my mom who cooked so much foods that is enough to feed 20 pigs and have much leftovers because only people that showed up instead of pigs. Guess I need to eat the same food for the rest of my week already, damn it!!! Catching up is good, at least i know how many family members i should top up in my list already haha. What can I say, guess everyone is busy with their own work and life i guess after they started working, I hadn't seen my cousin in ages and he is now a middle age man with two kids already and a big belly. Haha damn I really don't wish to be that way but is unavoidable that one needs to settle down at a certain point of their life. I'm perfectly fine with this but not the belly please.. haha No more macho ad... die die

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Damn, I hate living a boring life which is exactly today. I was told yesterday by my mom to wait for my aunt and not go anywhere today. I was planning to go for a swim in the morning and damn there goes my plan. Wake up in the morning, not knowing what to do, put on my sport shoe and went out for a jog, came home and get a morning shower and sat down in the living room switching channels while waiting for my aunt who are suppose to come. I was freaking boring since morning watching 'travel and living' and 'asian food channel' again and again. Anyway I think Anthony Bourdain the host for 'A Cook's Tour' was kinda cool haha, that episod was talking about how to be a Capriocan(not sure about the spelling, sorry about that). Anyway back to my boring life, after that last show I was like damn where the hell is my aunt and the clock was showing 12 noon already. Feeling a bit hungry, went to the kitchen and get something to chew on. Time was passing damn slowly, gosh i hate this kind of feeling. Picked up the phone and called my mom to ask whether my aunt was coming or not and the answer was not sure, and i was given strict orders to wait or else i don't get my dinner tonight LOL, felt threaten so I waited, i even started reading a book, 'gosh' can't believe that's happening. Time past so slowly, I waited till about 4pm in the afternoon and I already felt sleepy, so I went upstairs to get a nap, not having much thaught about it, I slept soundly and I woke up at 8pm. Mom was back and when I went down stairs thinking that my aunt had arrived, my mom gave me this surprise answer 'owh your aunt isn't coming till tmr'. Damn it!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


While checking the internet, i stumble across this, something for all of us to think and to ponder. If some of you find it offensive, I am so sorry never wanna make it a sensitive issue, just find it interesting and wish to share with the others.

"It is not as in the Bible, that God created man in his own image. But, on the contrary, man created God in his own image."

No offense dude. I am not an atheist as well=)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Back to School

First of all this has got nothing to do with the post that I am writing, is just a new application on my phone, and few of my friends tried it out, I find it funny so I just post it anyway hope it makes you laugh. Damn this is ugly.

I believe there's something that everyone will cherish during their schooling time, may be a special teacher, the food in the canteen, their library or may be their sports field. So this is what I do in school today, our SFI canteen dry me is cheap and it brings back to memories of us sitting at the canteen table bullshitting during break time. The good old time=) I wouldn't further discuss about the mee cause is just a simple dry mee nothing special inside except canteen aunty's hard work and sincere inside ( not sure about that it seems that she just simply campak everything inside) Haha.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Malaysian Taekwondo Federation Referees Seminar and Qualification Course

Went up to KL last weekend to attend the referee qualification course at Bukit Jalil, Majlis Sukan Negara, Dewan Commenwealth. The course is held for two days, 4 and 5th July. It didn't come to my mind before that I wanna become a referee, since my instructor had asked and I am so free as I'm having the holiday so I took up the challenge and take the effort to go up there. Wake up 530 in the morning to wash up and change. Then took the lrt from Kelana Jaya around 615am and change to Sri Petaling line at Masjid Jamek. Damn I only manage to reach there in tiime even thou I woke up that early. Bukit Jalil is far. So the first day was mostly about lecturing on competition rules and interpretation plus some discussion and QnA session. After lunch we have our hand signal practice, the examinar in front was showing us how to do 'kyong-go, 'gam-jeon', plus starting procedure hand signal. Then we move on to competition simulations where we need to become the center referee and control the match applying all the hand signal and giving 'kyong-go' (penalty) and 'gam-jeon' (deduction) when is necessary. There were like 90 plus of us there some of them are going for national referee and some are here for refreshing. By the time we finish is already 6 plus. I reach back home about 8 and got to study the whole damn rule book just for the theory test tmr.

The next morning was all about practicing and simulations from 8am in the morning till 12pm in the affternoon, then we break for our lunch. After lunch we were given the score sheet and learn how to give score. About 1pm our theory test starts and following after that was our practical test where we were called up to the front to give hand signal. The third part of the test was the simulation test and again we are required to stand at the middle to become the centre referee, the tension is much more different now as we couldn't expect what would happen during the match, two players were fighting in front and you have to give full concentration while every other people are watching you plus the examiners. Whew... Here are some pictures taken during the seminars=)

Hand signal test, the people standing are giving a 'kyong-go' hand signal=)
Simulation of competition starts, the person in the middle is the center referee and both persons standing at the side are the player that are fighting. The person sitting down at the side is the coach holding the protest card and the person sitting at the corner is the corner judge.
The person sitting in the middle with blue shirt is the examiner.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Eason Chan Concert

Went down to MMU last Thursday for Eason Chan's mini concert and autograph session. I got a free ticket from V Sion and thanks to him I get to see Eason up close. The concert was good except that we had to wait outside in line for almost an hour just to see him. Here are some pictures taken during the concert. =)

If you notice i only put up the funny picture just to show you that he is a friendly and hilarious person hahaha. Party!!

Haha this event happens exactly at the same day as Wee Hong's party but I have to differentiate it into two different post as i consider it as a two different event. After Wee Hong's Party i went down to Arena which was right beside Holiday Inn to join the party organized by and hotlink. Thanks to them we get to see our local celebrity performing on stage for free!! The party was cool and there are lots of people there having fun and enjoying the music. A lot of 'A Lian and Bengs' too Lol. Here are some pictures taken from the scene. =)

Pictures from top to bottom: Reshmonu, Natalie, PopShuvit and Jakeman, Ean.

Birthday Party!!

Not mine of course, is my secondary school friend, Wee Hong's party! Happy birthday dude! Sorry about the delay this post is suppose to be on 30th of June but I was busy and couldn't fnd the time to blog about it. So the birthday party was held at Holiday Inn Melaka, party was nice, food was great and the view is nice too. Many of us were gather together and it all thanks to Wee Hong. Here are some pictures that were taken during the birthday party!

Wee Hong the one in the middel, happy birthday dude!