Monday, October 6, 2008

Mid Semester Break

Is been a busy mid sem break for me this time, all my relatives came back for raya holidays, friends coming down and have fun touring them and prank them lol. (They know what I mean, especially jason anderson and Barney). Anyway, even it is a busy one, I still enjoyed so much especially spending time with family and friends, update myself with the latest news and also keep feeding myself and making me grow fat.

Movies that make my whole holiday super whorth is Eagle Eye, which i think is superb from the top to bottom. The plot is nicely plan, the show has a lot of unpredictable scene. Which is quite cool. Watching it with friends makes it more fun and enjoyable. Got a new pair of shoes, from my friend working at adidas shop with 20% discount. New jacket.

This whole mid semester break is all about going out and meeting people, the best thing is I went up Bukit Cina at night for twice in a week. That's all for now, see you guys when I'm free.