Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Battling Through The Night

Before I start anything, I would like to pray to god, please give me a good night sleep. Most of you should know that why am I here right now, damn I shouldn't have drink that cup of coffee, I have been awake for the whole night, 'Mentally awake' but physically tired the whole night. So basically I have been struggling the whole night trying to sleep. To add things worst, there comes some mosquitoes and insects that comes and join the fun with me. The whole bloody night, yea is damn bloody, i have been scratching here and there, I got countless stings and bites by mosquitoes and some unknown insect. Fuck Utp, is such a damn Ulu place and especially during this kind of raining season, all this insect just won't quit!! Fuck, I hate them. I have been using mosquitoe repellent, mosquitoe coil but non of them seems to work. I try to cover my legs when i got bite over my leg, and then they go to my hand, and again I cover my hand, and the next thing I know, my face got bite by mosquitoes. WTF!!! gimme a break man. I really hope UTP management will do something about it, because watever shit they are doing now isn't working. Why don't just ask petronas to sponsor some petrol, and pour over the drain and just lid it up and burn it for a few days. And to Shieldtox, bullshit!! Non of the product works for me when i needed them the most.

It is now 6 am in the morning and i am still awake. God please end this suffering, send whatever help you can, do your magic please!!! And to all the mosquitoes that bite me ps: FUCK YOU!!!

Pardon my language, I'm in a very desperate mode right i need to sleep fast.