Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Life After The Increase of Petrol Price

The fact that oil price is rising is unavoidable, and as the price increase, other items also increase price exponentially, and hence with us living right between the working life and also trying to be independent from the family, trying hard not to take any money from the parents, life is getting harder. So what we need to do now is to look for your own money in order to cover all the expenses and above, for those who trying to save up or cut down the expenses, better think twice or else you will ended up eating nasi putih with telur only.

Driving up from Melaka to Perak is crazy, with the toll cost me about RM 44.60 and also petrol about RM100, so does driving down to Melaka. So the total cost of driving back and forth now is roughly RM150 per month. And the RM 625 rebate given by the government, do you really think it helps, it barely covers a two trip and after that I am on my own. I couldn't understand why is it the total is so damn expensive, if the government really wanna help, I really appreciate if you could lower the tolls, or just demolish it.

Anyway, I can't grumble about the government too much, it won't help as nothing will be done to make the change. I only believe in myself and work my way out of this misery.

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