Monday, May 5, 2008

The Starting of Study Week

Finally I finished my dynamics test today afternoon, gosh.. the test was tough man... cracking my head for two full hours and I barely solve the question. Anyhow, is a big relief for me as now, I have finish my sem officially, what i need to do next was study hard and then prepare myself for the up coming exams. After that I will be packing my bag and go back home.. Home sweet home, start to miss it already. The warm, comfortable bed, miss my friends so much.

I come all the way down to Ipoh today, for a hair cut, and mainly relax... Life had been pretty tense for the past few days. This time, I have two weeks of study week, compare to the others we are kinda lucky to have our time table arrange it that way, therefore we can focus more on our studies and go for our exams on shot. Rather than dragging and have breaks in between which makes my life real miserable.

That's all for now, hope to see you guys soon. Take care.

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