Monday, May 12, 2008

Random Post

Just another few more hours, I will be stepping into the bus and get my way back home. I'm having mixed feelings right now. I hasn't been home for quite awhile, and i kinda miss it seriously. Home is something very special to me, is a place of comfort and no worries. When I reach home, all the stressful feelings just go away and i feel so relax and comfortable.

This semester was a quick one, so fast that no ones believe that. Seriously speaking 14 weeks was fast and in that 14 weeks, how much had been done, how much that I had learned can only be told when the result is out at the mid of July. Therefore,, the journey back home this time, I have a different mission, not to relax but to study. I'm the master of my own faith. May I have all the energy to keep myself moving and make it a success at the end.

See you guys, take good care of yourself. Peace. =)


  1. My sem only 13 weeks. 2 sems a yr.
    damn kanasai, so much 2 cover in so little time.

  2. Haha, you're worst than me... Good luck to you then.