Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Last letter

Have you ever have this kind of feeling, whenever you read back some old letters, cards or messages from someone's special, you started feeling warm and how lucky you're during that time and even feeling sweet even untill now. I did. I read through all my letters, cards when I cleaned my drawer, letters by letters I read and it brings back all the memories, sweet one, sad one, make me laugh one. Untill one letter which makes me feel so regret even untill now.. The letter wasn't write by anyone but was written by myself, it was the last letter I would say that I never gave it out. It was meant for someone, and during that time I hadn't much confidence with myself and I'm scared, is amazing that I try a lot of ways to pass that letter to her. I waited outside after tuition, I try to call, I try to spoke but none of that get me close enough. And untill a day when I never get to see her anymore, I lost her contact, I lost every news about her. And I was sad for a very long time. And this last letter I kept in my drawer for a very long long time. I will continue to keep it in my drawer till that day when I see her, I know it wouldn't mean anything to her anymore but at least, I would be very happy to tell her that, sorry to kept you waiting for so long, I have finally made it.


  1. hey... so she get your that letter already??'ve been tagged!!! =b