Friday, May 9, 2008

Birthday Present

This post suppose to come earlier but I was kinda busy before that and when I did have time to look through my pictures in my phone, i just realised that I forgot to post this up here on my blog. Well, the title is clear, is my birthday present, this year I have slightly different birthday present, I have never received it before and I don't wanna received it in the future either. Is just feel so fuck up when you got this kind of things during your birthday, feel like someone is playing some prank on you.

Yea, is a test during my birthday, and a damn hard one.. Do you know what's going through my mind when I am doing the test, the f word appear constantly and I was imagining that the lecturer or the test coordinator was laughing and telling me that, "God bless you to have this wonderful birthday!" The real problem is, the question was so hard and we have limited time to finish it, at the end of the test everyone was angry, i could say damn angry.. What happen to me was, I just sit down there and laugh all the way... That's how my birthday goes. But anyhow i'm cool with it right now.
Note: If you still feel sympathy to me and wish to buy me a present or something, I still accept it. Is always welcome :) peace haha..
Thanks for my friends who celebrate it for me, the cheese nun was indeed delicious and the birthday song deed sound bad seriously but it feels warm in the heart. Thanks to you guys, and sorry for swearing while you guys turn off my light while I am watching a movie, never knew that it was a suprise for my birthday. And the candle on top of the cheese nun, I believe the wax on the nun makes me feel high and i couldn't sleep for night.

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