Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Work, work and work...

God damn it, is near the end of the semester again. Without noticing, time just flies by your side and say bye bye to you quietly. Crap, and it goes the same again with all the datelines of the assignments, projects and stuff flooding in like nobody business. This time, tsunami was huge as I am having an event running on at the end of the month, which is the Woman Self Defense Workshop. Being the project director, I start to feel the heat and tension going on right here. Whew, I better get myself cool down before it burst into fire.

Well, I believe I am a guy with strong will and endurance, therefore i actually kills all my stress by hitting the gym, swim, listen to songs, talk to my Girlfriend and relax my mind with a cup of coffee at coffee bean. But as time goes on, i have lesser time to go for all the other activities. Damn it, is killing me man.. I bet you have the same feeling like I do, where you actually feel that you have something not done or not completed but you just couldn't figure out what is it and you actually blank totally for the whole day and feeling tired 24 hours, I just need a break and get out of it for awhile. Sigh.. hopefully things goes well this time. Please let me settle down and I really need time to relax myself and care for the others especially the loves one.


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