Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Raining Days...

For the past few weeks over in Perak, rain comes in time, nearly every evening. Is not drizzling rain but heavy down pour like nobody business, I bet there must be a heavy polution going on nowadays. Like I say, rain comes in the evening which really spoilt my mood, as that was the time I will go out for some exercise like swimming or jogging but the rain doesn't seems to go along with me and everytime when I just get myself change and fully geared with my swimming trunks, googles, water bottle, towel and stuffs. Splash! the rain comes and kill my mood totally.

And day by day, with increasing fats storing layer by layer on my belly, it just killing me man! Haha. I magine this, when you woke up the next morning and looking at the mirror you saw your fat bellly and you started regreting what you eat yesterday and blaiming yourself for having such low self control. Arg.. crap then you start telling yourself, why should I think that way, I shouldn't have think that way about myself, is not me, I wanted to go for exercise but the rain stops me from doing it. Haha bullshit, the truth is when the rain starts coming, well the mood of going for exercise did die but the mood of sleeping comes... Oh my god, is so comfy when the rain starts pouring and the whether is chill and then you just relax yourself, and way you go snoring out loud like nobody business and have a nice dream.

Therefore, I should say that, I Goh Jin Ming is indeed a total failure especially when rain comes.

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