Sunday, December 28, 2008

5H-5P Gathering Year 2008

In a few more days, year 2008 will be in the history, even though the gathering is getting smaller but I sure miss all of you guys, and to all the new added family member haha welcome to the group. My wishes to all of you, may you have a wonderful year ahead and take good care of yourself, may our friendship last forever. Cheers.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Melaka Mali, place where everyone belongs, except those from penang, johor,perak, pahang, selangor, sarawak, sabah, perlis, kedah, kelantan and tereng


Monday, October 6, 2008

Mid Semester Break

Is been a busy mid sem break for me this time, all my relatives came back for raya holidays, friends coming down and have fun touring them and prank them lol. (They know what I mean, especially jason anderson and Barney). Anyway, even it is a busy one, I still enjoyed so much especially spending time with family and friends, update myself with the latest news and also keep feeding myself and making me grow fat.

Movies that make my whole holiday super whorth is Eagle Eye, which i think is superb from the top to bottom. The plot is nicely plan, the show has a lot of unpredictable scene. Which is quite cool. Watching it with friends makes it more fun and enjoyable. Got a new pair of shoes, from my friend working at adidas shop with 20% discount. New jacket.

This whole mid semester break is all about going out and meeting people, the best thing is I went up Bukit Cina at night for twice in a week. That's all for now, see you guys when I'm free.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Battling Through The Night

Before I start anything, I would like to pray to god, please give me a good night sleep. Most of you should know that why am I here right now, damn I shouldn't have drink that cup of coffee, I have been awake for the whole night, 'Mentally awake' but physically tired the whole night. So basically I have been struggling the whole night trying to sleep. To add things worst, there comes some mosquitoes and insects that comes and join the fun with me. The whole bloody night, yea is damn bloody, i have been scratching here and there, I got countless stings and bites by mosquitoes and some unknown insect. Fuck Utp, is such a damn Ulu place and especially during this kind of raining season, all this insect just won't quit!! Fuck, I hate them. I have been using mosquitoe repellent, mosquitoe coil but non of them seems to work. I try to cover my legs when i got bite over my leg, and then they go to my hand, and again I cover my hand, and the next thing I know, my face got bite by mosquitoes. WTF!!! gimme a break man. I really hope UTP management will do something about it, because watever shit they are doing now isn't working. Why don't just ask petronas to sponsor some petrol, and pour over the drain and just lid it up and burn it for a few days. And to Shieldtox, bullshit!! Non of the product works for me when i needed them the most.

It is now 6 am in the morning and i am still awake. God please end this suffering, send whatever help you can, do your magic please!!! And to all the mosquitoes that bite me ps: FUCK YOU!!!

Pardon my language, I'm in a very desperate mode right i need to sleep fast.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Aikido Class

My lovely uniform... I still love it even is torn

First aikido class started last Thursday, damn.. is fucking tiring, after a long break, I have totally forgotten about aikido, I did went for training but my holidays had been going around with work, have fun and meeting up with my old buddies.
Class was ok, is nice teaching. At least i'm not as tired as the others haha, too bad guys. But anyhow, I hope to improve myself better this coming semester, polish up all my techniques and build up my stamina. That's all for now, will post anytime I can.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Life After The Increase of Petrol Price

The fact that oil price is rising is unavoidable, and as the price increase, other items also increase price exponentially, and hence with us living right between the working life and also trying to be independent from the family, trying hard not to take any money from the parents, life is getting harder. So what we need to do now is to look for your own money in order to cover all the expenses and above, for those who trying to save up or cut down the expenses, better think twice or else you will ended up eating nasi putih with telur only.

Driving up from Melaka to Perak is crazy, with the toll cost me about RM 44.60 and also petrol about RM100, so does driving down to Melaka. So the total cost of driving back and forth now is roughly RM150 per month. And the RM 625 rebate given by the government, do you really think it helps, it barely covers a two trip and after that I am on my own. I couldn't understand why is it the total is so damn expensive, if the government really wanna help, I really appreciate if you could lower the tolls, or just demolish it.

Anyway, I can't grumble about the government too much, it won't help as nothing will be done to make the change. I only believe in myself and work my way out of this misery.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Free Hugs

I was checking around at jonker and found this funny person giving free hugs to everyone. He was holding a sign board and written free hugs. That guy is from canada and i call him Bear because he gave good bear hugs. Anyhow he told me, he misses his family, so by giving free hugs will ease the pain of missing home.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Is Been Quite A Long Time

Hey, still remember me. I hope you will notice this post. How are you doing recently?? Somehow I can't forget you after all that we have been through.
Hope it all get better in time.

If you're there, hope you're fine and I miss you.

ps: I love you.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Sun Set

It cannot wait and i am sure, the sun in us only rise and set once, it has rise half way through the sky, and is the time we let it shine, for those who are in the uni, wake up is time to shine, for those start working, wake up make it shine and the sky is yours. Time is short, do whatever you need to do and treasure everything you have.

Scary Chicken Rice Ball

CAn you guess how many of the small chicken rice balls are used to make into the big one??

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Someday and is coming soon I can feel it. Fernando Torres 75.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Adios Amigo

Best wishes for those who are leaving for University. I know you guys will do well over there at the mean time don't forget all the nice and sad time we had together. Tell you guys the truth, I miss all of you. Best of luck in your future undertaking.

This post comes a bit late but nvm, anyway miss you guys.. I know it sounds gay but really miss you all. Take care.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Having the time of my life right now, rest, rest and rest. Meet up with friends, watch movie and have nice food beside me 24 hours. Sleep like nobody business.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Back Home

Finally, a place where i call home.. No more papers to go, having fun will be something i need to do now. I can't sleep, i feel so energetic when i got home, so many things is running through my mind right now, choosing what to do, this and that. But one thing is for sure, i need to sleep, because I hasn't sleep since i got back here. My clock has been upside down for quite a long time and seriously need to fix this. If anyone having the same problem with me, please feel free to teach me how to change it back to normal mode.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Whew, two paper down, 4 more to go. Finally, another weekend for me to catch up with my studies and get some rest.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Last letter

Have you ever have this kind of feeling, whenever you read back some old letters, cards or messages from someone's special, you started feeling warm and how lucky you're during that time and even feeling sweet even untill now. I did. I read through all my letters, cards when I cleaned my drawer, letters by letters I read and it brings back all the memories, sweet one, sad one, make me laugh one. Untill one letter which makes me feel so regret even untill now.. The letter wasn't write by anyone but was written by myself, it was the last letter I would say that I never gave it out. It was meant for someone, and during that time I hadn't much confidence with myself and I'm scared, is amazing that I try a lot of ways to pass that letter to her. I waited outside after tuition, I try to call, I try to spoke but none of that get me close enough. And untill a day when I never get to see her anymore, I lost her contact, I lost every news about her. And I was sad for a very long time. And this last letter I kept in my drawer for a very long long time. I will continue to keep it in my drawer till that day when I see her, I know it wouldn't mean anything to her anymore but at least, I would be very happy to tell her that, sorry to kept you waiting for so long, I have finally made it.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Back Home

Finally, after a long day of travelling, switching bus to bus, I am back to my home town, wonderful Malacca, feeling excited as if I haven't get back for ages. Anyway is nice to be back home, everything seems to be so nice, things are nicely arrange, compare to my room in utp, bed is more comfortable, there' idn't any trouble of mosquitoes, no worries about kicking the board and fell down on me while sleeping. Foods are nice, mom's cooking is always the best, the second will be my own cooking.

That's my wonderful story for the very shot moment in Malacca. Peace

Random Post

Just another few more hours, I will be stepping into the bus and get my way back home. I'm having mixed feelings right now. I hasn't been home for quite awhile, and i kinda miss it seriously. Home is something very special to me, is a place of comfort and no worries. When I reach home, all the stressful feelings just go away and i feel so relax and comfortable.

This semester was a quick one, so fast that no ones believe that. Seriously speaking 14 weeks was fast and in that 14 weeks, how much had been done, how much that I had learned can only be told when the result is out at the mid of July. Therefore,, the journey back home this time, I have a different mission, not to relax but to study. I'm the master of my own faith. May I have all the energy to keep myself moving and make it a success at the end.

See you guys, take good care of yourself. Peace. =)

Stand Up For The Champion!!!

Glory glory Man Utd, you did it again. Thanks for giving me such a wonderful joy at this very stressful moment. Long live Alex Ferguson.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Special

Mother's Day is one occasion that gives you the opportunity to do something for your mother. If you start wondering about the reason you need to treat your mother, I bet you would end up with not less than a zillion of reasons.Let's just remember the most important reasons for which we need to be grateful to our mom and that would be enough to arrange a lavish treat for her on the special occasion of Mother's Day.

  • Since your childhood you have watched your mom washing and ironing your clothes, keeping your school uniform sparkling and spotless, and your jumpers without a single crease.

  • You have been lucky enough to be picked and dropped to and from your school every single day right form your first day at school.

  • Whenever you had a fight and for the slightest reason or if you needed a reason to cry on someone's shoulders, your mom was the one giving you the comfort and patiently listening to all your heartburns and grumbling.

  • Just remember the innumerable times you wanted a fresh new set of designer clothes and your mother dug out her pocket money to fulfill your wish.

  • The food world in which you gorged ever since you were a child and grew up on, was cooked day in and day out by your beloved mother. Just think of the hundreds of incredible dishes she prepared for you, the tasty lunchboxes she fixed for you, the cakes she baked, the snacks, the cups of tea and delicious suppers. It surely makes your mouth water even now.

  • Your mother is always there for you through every thick-and-thin of your life. She is the person you can depend upon to stand by you anytime you need her.

  • Remember all those difficult undecided moments of life and you needed someone who could make you see reason and pour some worldly-wise advice in your ears. It was surely your mother who lent you patient ears and then pulled you out of the mess in your life.

  • Think about the tons of love she professes for you everyday through all her acts, big and small. It can't even be measured. It can only be felt.

What your mother does for you is absolutely beyond assessment but when the enormity of her love and sacrifice is felt,you realize that surely your mom deserves a special treat this Mother's Day. It would only be a small way to show your gratefulness to her.

To all the mom in the whole world:

Happy Mother's Day.

And to my mom:

There isn't a day of the year

that you aren't special to me Mom,

Happy Mother's Day and I love you mom,

thanks for everything that you have done for me.


Friday, May 9, 2008

What Happens in Ipoh

Take a drive down to ipoh this afternoon, to catch up with the latest movies, was choosing between "What Happens In Vegas" and "Speed Racer". I chose "What Hapen In Vegas" in the end. The reason was I think speed racer doesn't worth the penny. And by judging the trailer. I think speed racer is kinda childish. Therefore I go on with my instinct and bought the ticket for "what happens in vegas".

Well, the show indeed prove my instinct right. The show was nice and funny. I would say that's a movie for a night out with your gf. Try to avoid to watch it with a guy, cause the mood will be so wrong. Watching with your love ones will be most appropriate. Cameron Diaz.. erm a bit old for Ashton I would say. Some of the scenes were sensored out from the movie which makes me piss off with the board of film in Malaysia. Come on what's wrong with you guys, I pay to watch the escense of the movie, the cream of the movie, so please don't f******* sensored my movie. No wonder the pirated VCD are so hot right now, as you get to watch the whole movie and is F*** cheap.

But anyhow the movie was nice and i enjoy it very much.

Birthday Present

This post suppose to come earlier but I was kinda busy before that and when I did have time to look through my pictures in my phone, i just realised that I forgot to post this up here on my blog. Well, the title is clear, is my birthday present, this year I have slightly different birthday present, I have never received it before and I don't wanna received it in the future either. Is just feel so fuck up when you got this kind of things during your birthday, feel like someone is playing some prank on you.

Yea, is a test during my birthday, and a damn hard one.. Do you know what's going through my mind when I am doing the test, the f word appear constantly and I was imagining that the lecturer or the test coordinator was laughing and telling me that, "God bless you to have this wonderful birthday!" The real problem is, the question was so hard and we have limited time to finish it, at the end of the test everyone was angry, i could say damn angry.. What happen to me was, I just sit down there and laugh all the way... That's how my birthday goes. But anyhow i'm cool with it right now.
Note: If you still feel sympathy to me and wish to buy me a present or something, I still accept it. Is always welcome :) peace haha..
Thanks for my friends who celebrate it for me, the cheese nun was indeed delicious and the birthday song deed sound bad seriously but it feels warm in the heart. Thanks to you guys, and sorry for swearing while you guys turn off my light while I am watching a movie, never knew that it was a suprise for my birthday. And the candle on top of the cheese nun, I believe the wax on the nun makes me feel high and i couldn't sleep for night.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Feel Like Killing Someone Right Now

Is all because of you, I never get enough of killing, i get so obsessive towards you. In my mind, is all over you right now. I tell myself to stop but I know I won't. I know as much as you that it has become my addiction and is all because of you, I am constantly thinking about killing every second. I don't know what to do about it.

Yes is counter stike, I ain't no serious killer, just getting my hands on something fun, have the feeling of killing someone in game, and i get so addicted to it, kept my hands moving and killing. When it gets dirty, you might turn to use smoke bombs, flashbangs, grenade. After all is not only a game, is about the satisfaction you get after killing so many people. is about the passion of trying to achieve one shot one kill.

Well, better stop craping, a lot more studies to catch up, see you guys next time. Take care.

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Starting of Study Week

Finally I finished my dynamics test today afternoon, gosh.. the test was tough man... cracking my head for two full hours and I barely solve the question. Anyhow, is a big relief for me as now, I have finish my sem officially, what i need to do next was study hard and then prepare myself for the up coming exams. After that I will be packing my bag and go back home.. Home sweet home, start to miss it already. The warm, comfortable bed, miss my friends so much.

I come all the way down to Ipoh today, for a hair cut, and mainly relax... Life had been pretty tense for the past few days. This time, I have two weeks of study week, compare to the others we are kinda lucky to have our time table arrange it that way, therefore we can focus more on our studies and go for our exams on shot. Rather than dragging and have breaks in between which makes my life real miserable.

That's all for now, hope to see you guys soon. Take care.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Jming's Life so Far..

Hi guys, sorry for not posting for so long, had been very very busy and hectic for the past few weeks. Homeworks, assignment, projects and event, practically filled up most of my time. Another thing that kept me from posting was due the low efficiency of the internet connection in utp. Imagine i can't even get on to google, which makes me pretty frustrated and tired looking at the slow loading bar down the explorer. When it finally finish loading, here comes the page telling me connection error kind of shit.

Therefore i drove my way down to ipoh, just to get an unlimited, fast and enjoyable internet access at the local cyber cafe. Whew, just past two test, two crappy test actually, hopefully i don't flunk it this time. The worst was a test on my birthday, and oh my.. it didn't even taste like birthday or any normal day when there's a test that falls on your birthday. Shit... and worst comes to worst, the test question came out to be some alien shit which I don't even know what the heck i'm writing when I am attempting the question.

But anyhow life still goes pretty smoothly for me, and here I am in the internet cafe enjoying myself and try my best to forget about the sucky test. Anyhow finals is coming and I am gonna work hard for it. After that i will have a wonderful break in Malacca. That's all for now, see you guys soon.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Raining Days...

For the past few weeks over in Perak, rain comes in time, nearly every evening. Is not drizzling rain but heavy down pour like nobody business, I bet there must be a heavy polution going on nowadays. Like I say, rain comes in the evening which really spoilt my mood, as that was the time I will go out for some exercise like swimming or jogging but the rain doesn't seems to go along with me and everytime when I just get myself change and fully geared with my swimming trunks, googles, water bottle, towel and stuffs. Splash! the rain comes and kill my mood totally.

And day by day, with increasing fats storing layer by layer on my belly, it just killing me man! Haha. I magine this, when you woke up the next morning and looking at the mirror you saw your fat bellly and you started regreting what you eat yesterday and blaiming yourself for having such low self control. Arg.. crap then you start telling yourself, why should I think that way, I shouldn't have think that way about myself, is not me, I wanted to go for exercise but the rain stops me from doing it. Haha bullshit, the truth is when the rain starts coming, well the mood of going for exercise did die but the mood of sleeping comes... Oh my god, is so comfy when the rain starts pouring and the whether is chill and then you just relax yourself, and way you go snoring out loud like nobody business and have a nice dream.

Therefore, I should say that, I Goh Jin Ming is indeed a total failure especially when rain comes.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Work, work and work...

God damn it, is near the end of the semester again. Without noticing, time just flies by your side and say bye bye to you quietly. Crap, and it goes the same again with all the datelines of the assignments, projects and stuff flooding in like nobody business. This time, tsunami was huge as I am having an event running on at the end of the month, which is the Woman Self Defense Workshop. Being the project director, I start to feel the heat and tension going on right here. Whew, I better get myself cool down before it burst into fire.

Well, I believe I am a guy with strong will and endurance, therefore i actually kills all my stress by hitting the gym, swim, listen to songs, talk to my Girlfriend and relax my mind with a cup of coffee at coffee bean. But as time goes on, i have lesser time to go for all the other activities. Damn it, is killing me man.. I bet you have the same feeling like I do, where you actually feel that you have something not done or not completed but you just couldn't figure out what is it and you actually blank totally for the whole day and feeling tired 24 hours, I just need a break and get out of it for awhile. Sigh.. hopefully things goes well this time. Please let me settle down and I really need time to relax myself and care for the others especially the loves one.


Monday, April 14, 2008

When I Am In The Hospital

How i wish someone will come and care for me when I'm hurt and feeling pain, but when someone knock on the door to offer care and love for me, I just turn down the offer and choose to walk on. But the pain i felt turning down the care and love by someone, is just as hurts and as pain as the scar that is on my hand, and the emptiness in my mind and loneliness in my heart keep ringing into my door.

Friday, April 11, 2008


My name is Jming....
These new blog of mine will share probably not all but most of the nicest and meaningful moment in my life with you. Probably is not the nicest and the most interesting blog, perhaps the worst you have read but no matter how it goes, I just hope that through my blog, you will get to know me better or at least a little bit better.